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February 23 2019

Dude actually said "it's too crowded to go against the traffic direction" but the translation makes him sound like an invitation to fistfight

June 01 2017

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Two days ago's episode of Ok-Jek had like several Grab Bike & GoJek drivers passing by & glancing at the characters.

When reality appears in fiction as n unintended cameo

April 15 2017


January 11 2015


my fanart & fancomics got in Razia's Shadow official website, and they cover most of the area!

January 06 2015

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"What verse will Patrick sing next? Find out on Pretty Patrick Stump after the break!"

edited from here

December 20 2014

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Stumpified another Pretty Patrick screenshot from Bee and Puppycat

December 06 2014


November 26 2014

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Anonymous asked: pap ur alternative Instagrams
Ignore the default camera

I use 3; Cymera, Molome & Photoplay. Before this I used to use Twitpic, then downloaded Molome cuz it's more Instagrammish. Then after Twitpic died I used Photoplay cuz i can post rectangular photos there as well. Photoplay has a Path feel.
I downloaded Cymera at the same time i got Molome but ive only tried the public album feature only recently :P


..and here's more people that asked me about social media alternatives...

Best music service? Pandora, Soundcloud or Spotify?

Dunno, never used any of them cuz I use Last.fm. In my opinion Soundcloud is kinda like Bandcamp & all that, used to upload & promote our own music though we can listen & fave other people's songs. Soundcloud is also useful for podcasts. If you're looking for an app that's solely a listening station then pick either Pandora, Spotify or Last.fm. Soundcloud is more than that I guess *shrug*

Besides wechat line n kakaotalk what other chat aps do you have or want to have?

Downloaded Telegram recently last year. Definitely keeping it. I tried Chaton & Meowchat but I deleted them on my phone cuz they take up space (i can still use them on the web though). I also use Rocketalk but mostly for posting pics & vids i made or found online, rather than chatting.
I wanna try Cubie, Beetalk, Imo, Jongla, Talkray, Omelettechat (or whatever), if someone recommends me.
Crap, that reminds me i gotta make WebCubecakes comics based on reviewing those apps!

Have you tried Tuding yet? Or Vida or Papa?

No but I wanna... earlier last month i downloaded PaPa but i cant register without a selection of social networks i dont have, or a Chinese phone number. N i cant seem to visit Vida's website for some reason, so TuDing is my only option cuz ut's available in Google Play. If i get the chance to go to China again i'd use it... unless there's a better app, if ya got any suggestions :]

Tumblr or Soup.io?

Tumbloup, bby. They're similar yet different. They're like Blue & Red from Dick Figures. They're like Korrasami (although I ship both Korrasami & Tumbloup as bffs but Korrasami is indeed canon)
I have both sites & I made them go matchy-matchy.

Blogger or Wordpress?

Blog.com & FC2 Blog huahuahuhuehuehue
but I gotta say Blogger since I use that for my art blog XD. tbh I tried Wordpress cuz I set up my dad's blog (which he still uses occasionally) and Wordpress' dashboard is no different than Blog.com.

Have you tried Mobli?

No :( i wanna try it but im afraid it's gonna eat up my phone memory... but it looks way cooler than Molome & Photoplay.

October 28 2014


I just realized that the multi-purpose blue button in Fast For Facebook is similar to the multipurpose vermillion button in the Google+ app

October 23 2014


Today's koinkidenkidoo theme: SOCK PUPPETS

FYI if you're wondering I was watching Big Bag on Safari and Gravity Falls on Chrome. Alternatingly switching between them, watching one while waiting for the other to load.

October 17 2014

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when you try your best but you don’t succeed

October 03 2014

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Captured a screenshot of my Soup bg while it's in the middle of changing from green to purple

August 12 2014


August 04 2014

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screenshots of media attachment in some phone chat apps [X]

June 22 2014

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this was my Samsung Wave 533 phone lockscreen wallpaper in 2013
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May 22 2014

Ayn-stein took this while we were chatting and I wrote a typo and SUDDENLY PUN INTENDED. I AM GOD

Btw she's using the Facebook Messenger app on her Myphone
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May 19 2014

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Freeze-framed Steven's derp face when he cracked a pun at Garnet about balanced breakfast
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February 25 2014

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What is your high score in Flappy Bird?

Fall Out Bird, to be precise. i could do better.
Pete Wentz' head tho

January 18 2014


December 24 2013

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Almost forgot about this beautiful screenshot, when I got my Macbook for the first time and accidentally opened both Sundbooth and After Effects

I forgot the original link to the artist who made the wallpaper, but I swear it's from deviantART
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