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November 30 2014

November 24 2014




do you ever think about how super fucked up danny phantom is

a 14-year-old boy fucking dies in a tragic lab accident, but the accident happens halfway into an alternate dimension, so he is both killed (in one dimension) and not killed (in the other). danny is literally schrodinger’s boy — both dead and alive. he’s a living corpse possessed by his own ghost.


never thought of danny phantom that way whoa mindblown

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October 26 2014


March 18 2013

January 28 2013

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il gattino puccioso che amava i pouf
And it's Schroedinger's cat time!

September 29 2011

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Schrödinger’s Nyan Cat (by Kalapusa)

Meme over, you can’t top this.

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