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January 10 2015


November 26 2014


Shout out to girls who don’t mind being called dude and man casually


shout out to boys who don’t mind being called guuurrl 


shout out to humans who don’t mind being called dawg (or bitch)


shout out to dogs who will let you call them anything so long as you say it in  a happy, friendly tone.


Shout out to Guinea Pigs which are neither pigs nor from Guinea. 


Shout out to this post for being the text version of an improv scene with heightening tag-outs.

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November 24 2014


Applying for jobs like


Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for rejecting my job application to your company.

I have read your application with interest. Because I have received a large number of refusals, I had to make a selection of candidates and I regret to tell you that you are not part of this group.

Despite your qualities and experience in rejecting job applicants, I must inform you your refusal does not meet my profile for this position.

For this reason, I am notifying you I will start working for your company effective immediately. I am looking forward to a prosperous collaboration.

I wish you all the best in rejecting future applicants.

Mark dutchster

November 19 2014

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that’s not what it means and you know it

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November 17 2014


Second Cheapest Wine - Collegehumor


"Impress your friends with a year that’s not the current year…because trust us, that’s good."

A flawless video.

October 20 2014



Bo Burnham - Repeat Stuff

I love Bo and this song 


Bo Burnham - Repeat Stuff

A(nother) Legitimate Reason To Detest Modern Pop Songs

In addition to the obscenely catchy chorus, listen to the criticism of how the music industry preys on the young. Taking advantage of hormones and insecurities has never been so mechanized. Not that you ever did or anything, but this may change the way you listen to the ol' Biebs and company.

June 09 2014




By segmenting the market into the binary boy/girl genders, companies make more money. Check out how.

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May 18 2014



This is a Generic Brand Video.
by Kendra Eash 


Our profits

are awe-inspiring.
Like this guy who’s looking up and pointing
At a skyscraper or a kite
While smiling and explaining something to his child.

Using a specific ratio
of Asian people to Black people to Women to White men
We want to make sure we represent your needs and interests
Or at least a version of your skin color
In our ads.

Did we put a baby in here?
What about an ethnic old man whose wrinkled smile represents 
the happiness and wisdom of the poor?

(via upworthy)

May 13 2014

2285 8650
30 Satirical images created by Pawel Kuczynski
(via 9GAG)
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October 15 2013


July 05 2013


Why Do Men Keep Putting Me in the Girlfriend-Zone?


You know how it is, right, ladies? You know a guy for a while. You hang out with him. You do fun things with him—play video games, watch movies, go hiking, go to concerts. You invite him to your parties. You listen to his problems. You do all this because you think he wants to be your friend.

But then, then comes the fateful moment where you find out that all this time, he’s only seen you as a potential girlfriend. And then if you turn him down, he may never speak to you again. This has happened to me time after time: I hit it off with a guy, and, for all that I’ve been burned in the past, I start to think that this one might actually care about me as a person. And then he asks me on a date.

I tell him how much I enjoy his company, how much I value his friendship. I tell him that I really want to be his friend and to continue hanging out with him and talking about our favorite books or exploring new restaurants or making fun of avant-garde theatre productions. But he rejects me. He doesn’t answer my calls or e-mails; if we’d been making plans to do something before this fateful incident, these plans mysteriously fail to materialize. (This is why I never did get around to seeing the Hunger Games movie. Not to name any names, but thanks a lot, Tom.) Later, when I run into him at social events, our conversations are awkward and lukewarm. This is because the moment we met, he put me in the girlfriend-zone, and now he can’t see me as friend material.

I must say that I find this really unfair. I mean, I’m a nice girl. I have a lot to offer as a friend, like not being a douchebag and stuff. But males just don’t want to be friends with nice girls like me. They can’t help it, I guess; it’s just how they’re wired, biologically. Evolution conditioned our male hominid ancestors to seek nice girls as mates and form friendship bonds only with the other dudes that they hunted mammoths with. It’s true—I know this because I studied hominids in my fifth-grade science class.

So what’s the answer? Should I take up mammoth-hunting in an attempt to appeal to the friendship centers of men’s primal lizardbrains? Should I keep making guy “friends” and then prevent them from making a move on me by subtly undermining their self-confidence? Should I just give up on those manipulative, game-playing, two-faced bastards once and for all? I don’t know. I mean, I’d really like to have a true friendship with a guy someday, but it’s so hard to trust and respect them when they never say what they mean—and you never know when you might be relegated to the girlfriend-zone.

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April 17 2013

Play fullscreen
Messy Mondays: 15 Ways Movies Think You Are Stupid
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January 20 2013


June 15 2012

Have a Grand Old Party with these buttplugs in the shapes of Republican presidential candidate approval graphs.
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July 16 2011

Im guessing she's acting as Ke$ha
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