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July 19 2013

Emang kenapa? Kalo gue bajunya sama ama cewek lain pasti kita berdua malah ketawa2 terus jadi temen.

March 01 2013


February 27 2013

Who Wore it Better? Nicki Minaj or He-Man Master of the Universe
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July 10 2012

Was this the same episode as when Peter wore that Sailormoon outfit & bumped into Sailormoon herself?
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So, funny thing. I was watching PLL all over again and then I saw Aria wearing THE DRESS. I paused the video and started flipping out. Do Glee and PLL have the same people for fashion? Now I feel left out. I want that dress too. Funny coincidence or not, I find this rather intriguing.
Lol I don't watch Pretty Little Liars much, and I don't remember that scene from Glee, but LOL. Just LOL.
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