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August 20 2017

Oh man how long ago was it when I did this, 2011? 
Pic is from here https://chocoreaper.deviantart.com/art/Razia-s-Shadow-tower-212510224
Song is “Life Is Looking Up” by Forgive Durden, part of the musical.

September 21 2014

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doodles from 2012-2013 if I'm not mistaken.
playing pretend is fun.

September 09 2014


Razia's Shadow: Our Fears Are Different Here drawn scenes

Decided to draw scenes from Livejournal user Orange-Fics’ Razia’s Shadow fanfiction  Our Fears Are Different Here,  and yes it’s set in an alternate universe where Adakias lives.
As usual, Razia’s shadow seems to have this serious deep theme and everyone who has been doing fanart has been pouring humor into their works. Can’t help but spark a few laughs.

Started in 2011 but had gotten too lazy to draw the rest, and then returned to draw some of the comics in 2013.

And to Orange-Yarn/Orange-Fics if you come across these, I apologize in advance if I didnt get the scenery & supporting characters’ looks right. And thanks for being an awesome writer.

January 08 2014

RS - O's Angels
Sketched this while I was bored and waiting for Paranormal Activity 3 to start… and sketched this bit by bit while watching too.
Nidria lookin classy with her mask as well and what if Ahrima has a hood just like hers too (cuz probably those are what the angels' cloaks look like by default). And instead of a mask he's got his lightbulbs on. For the lulz.


Razia's Shadow © Forgive Durden

December 14 2013

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Tried copying some drawing I found online with chickens and Star-Trek-ish chibi characters

I'm not sure if Anhura would be afraid of spiders, but Adakias would definitely be an instant mama bird to them… and Pallis is just being a total Pallis.

January 15 2013

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The Missing Piece. I'mma go print this out into cards.

January 07 2013

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Gumball Steampunk Brendon vs Powerpuff Pallis.
Original idea (c) irosyan. I was merely trying to do something like that once more.
Link to bottom photo: [link]
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December 03 2012


September 16 2012



Brothers. With very different and interesting relationships.

The first 3 drawings aren't mine, I just had to add the last one with Adakias & Pallis *coughbecauseIstillmissRazia'sShadowcough*

(via myoo89)

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May 12 2012

I can't really see this pairing going on, but maybe Gargul the Oracle & Grandmother Willow would make good friends

April 11 2012

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Another RSdump with other songs' lyrics. This time it's Coldplay's "The Scientist"

April 10 2012

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RS featuring You're A God by Vertical Horizon
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January 06 2012


December 12 2011


December 11 2011

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Look in the mirror, Pallis. Now look at the owl.

December 03 2011

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But seeing her wear that outfit is quite some change...

November 19 2011

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The O-face.
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October 20 2011

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Pallis: He's MAI BRUTHUR!
Anhura: but he's MAI BOIFRANDD!
Adakias: NUUUUUU~

October 19 2011

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Behold... my crappy airbrush painting skeeeeelz
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