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June 24 2015

The *blank* of the zodiac

Aries: the leader (aka Ryan Seacrest; that bastard is the leader of everything nowadays)
Taurus: the muscle (hulk smash) [I'm not even sorry lmao]
Gemini: the Witt (oh the sarcasm that seems to always stem from your mouth)
Cancer: the mother (plus you're the best at giving hugs)
Leo: the enthusiast (but honestly though, you're the most talented)
Virgo: the intellect (seriously, you're the only one who knows anything at all)
Libra: the glue (you get stuck to everyone, and everyone gets stuck to you)
Scorpio: the best, honestly (call me;))
Sagittarius: the joker (batman better look out)
Capricorn: the rock (ayye Dwayne Johnson where you at?)
Aquarius: the rebel (Debby Ryan plays you, in a movie, just by the way)
Pisces: the cinnamon roll (seriously you are the one and only cinnamon roll)

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November 22 2014








im quitting school and becoming a superhero

who’s with me

please stop reposting this we can’t all be superheroes

i’ll be the bad guy

i’ll be your girlfriend

I’ll be the butler

I’ll be that random citizen who doesn’t know what the fuck is going on

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May 18 2012

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RPG: How it should be VS how it is.
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May 01 2012

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April 16 2012

Blood Ball Teaser - Cosplay by echelonflashmob.org
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January 31 2012

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Not only that..

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