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December 23 2012





LaLaurie was a sadistic socialite who lived in New Orleans. Her home was a chamber of horrors. On April 10, 1834, a fire broke out in the mansion’s kitchen, and firefighters found two slaves chained to the stove. They appeared to have started the fire themselves, in order to attract attention. The firefighters were lead by other slaves to the attic, where the real surprise was. Over a dozen disfigured and maimed slaves were manacled to the walls or floors. Several had been the subjects of gruesome medical experiments. One man appeared to be part of some bizarre sex change, a woman was trapped in a small cage with her limbs broken and reset to look like a crab, and another woman with arms and legs removed, and patches of her flesh sliced off in a circular motion to resemble a caterpillar. Some had had their mouths sewn shut and had subsequently starved to death, whilst others had their hands sewn to different parts of their bodies. Most were found dead, but some were alive and begging to be killed, to release them from the pain. LaLaurie fled before she could be bought to justice – she was never caught.

This house is right by my sister’s house, which I often housesit.

There are a few thing that aren’t on here that I’d like to add.

1. If you want to see this house, its address is 1140 Royal Street.

2. There’s a strange sensation found affecting locals connecting to the house. Even if they are unaware of the house’s history, they instinctually avoid going to that side of the street. I can attest to this, not knowing what the house was until a few months after I began housesitting. Both me and my sister’s dog instinctually avoid the left side of Royal. After looking up more info on the house later, this freaked me out the most.

3. Prior to the house fire, a female slave jumped from the third story to escape a savage beating by LaLaurie. The window she jumped out of was never replaced, but rather bricked up and painted over. You can see where on the Governor Nichols side of the building, third story, 2nd window from the left.

4. Nicolas Cage bought this house. For no reason. 

Thank you Nicolas Cage

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April 29 2012



This little kitten was rescued by a very big fire man

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