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December 02 2017


June 01 2017

yeah, I know they're from 16personalities, but I was asking about the exaggerated captions, making this a "tag yourself" post.
I found it on facebook
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May 27 2015

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otherspook replied heeeee <3

December 02 2014

alright first thing's first. you post your own contents from your blog & you view & repost your friends' posts in your dashboard.

for ur blog's looks there are 4 main layouts & you can change the colors & toggle options & stuff. changing the bg with an image helps too. welp if you wanna customize themes easily you can go to Souperstyles http://notasecondtowaste.wix.com/souperstyles
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November 30 2014

also "i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now"

i've checked my privileges. why not use both? :P
also, BRBsoup replied
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hahaha I love that slogan. plus tumblr users are quick to sass-reply someone.

so far no one has left soup for 9gag yet...

November 16 2014

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gerard talking about ass fingering on twitter dot com

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October 16 2014

Too lazy to reply one-by-one so Im just gonna reply all of y'all from here

@sydnor OkSoupIt verbally sounds more like a dating site but when written looks like a normal soup app where you can instantly soup anything you see. Clever.

@lost-in-space right? It sorta has a nice ring to it.

@elpollodiablo thats kinda how i feel about Soup too, cuz we already have too much chat apps on the phone and if we wanna chat with friends we can just use facebook, right? I guess Soup just needs to stay as a scrapbook site & it shouldnt be made into another Facebook. Like I said it's only gonna be a mock-up cuz I like brainstorming ideas so much. Also I'd like to imagine Soup users chatting to one another.

@hairinmy_comments Toil and Trouble can be the tagline if it's gonna be named Bubble hahaha
@sofias hahahha soup-o-blub is cute. I imagine the app background would have bubbles on it
@korra that's a neat one too. soup + gravy.

Still indecisive, but talksoupto.me & chatsoup stand out, but if you don't want "soup" in the name we can use bubble. or or or CHOUP (short for chatsoup)

October 30 2013

being a drummer myself i always loved this point of view, just shows perfectly the part of choreography in drumming...
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