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June 26 2015

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Too hungry to work? Sleep.
Nothing to do? Sleep.
Want time to fly faster towards iftar? Sleep.

June 18 2015

Tina attempted a Ramadan-themed Pokemon theme song parody
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I said this previously too on twitter

The downside is you can only enjoy night coffee during iftar, not sahur.

December 06 2014


July 08 2014


1st day of Fasting Month of Ramadhan begins... NOW! (29th June 2014)


So here’s how I imagine young toddlers experiencing fasting for the first time in school while watching their non-muslim friends eating in front of them.image

But for us, its like….

cos well, we kind of got use to it….. well for me, i get thirsty VERY easily (cos I have a sinus so yeah)

And thus! the hawker stall vender will be like


To all my Muslim friends, may you stay patient, do good deeds, help those who can’t, pray 5 times a day (including tarawih and solat hajat) and most importantly stay safe along the road when you’re on your way home for Eid-Mubarakh. We don’t want to see anymore sad faces relatives grieving over their dead love ones on the news because they couldn’t drive safely on the road before reaching to their grandparents/parents/wife/children/friends etc.

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July 14 2013

Line Ramadan ad with Cony & Brown [x]

July 12 2013

Dot Ramadan Kareem
Wishing everyone who are fasting right now a happy Ramadan

July 07 2013

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KakaoTalk Ramadhan Campaign : Iftar
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July 02 2013

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KakaoTalk Ramadhan Campaign : Wake Up
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KakaoTalk Ramadhan Campaign : Traffic Jam
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July 26 2012

July 21 2012


August 08 2011

Prayers by lulu2222
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