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May 16 2015

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this post has fucked me up more than any other on this site

Okay but no, do you understand what happens to a caterpillar once it’s in its cocoon? It completely turns into goo. That’s right, GOO. The damn thing dissolves and the reforms into the butterfly. Even crazier, the wings of the butterfly are already inside the caterpillar, ready to go, just waiting to float around in some goo and then be a beautiful butterfly. The craziest part?!? A study was done where some caterpillars were exposed to a certain smell and then given an electric shock so eventually the caterpillar associated the smell with the shock. Well after those little hairy noodles came out of the their cocoons as butterflies, they exposed them to the smell again and the butterflies reacted super negatively, as if they were being shocked. A.K.A. not only is there wings floating around in that goo cocoon, there is also a brain, the same, unaltered brain as the caterpillar. The butterfly can recall its days as a caterpillar even after basically being turned into soup. And then it all somehow gets its shit together to be a stupid majestic little beast, and I can’t even remember where I put my damn phone.  

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April 17 2015

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Now, I know lots of you out there love comics and some of you may be wondering, how do those gosh darned comic makers make their comics? Well, everyone has their own method and style, but I thought it might be helpful to the folks at home if I whipped up a little how-to guide of my own!

Now, you’ll need a couple ingredients, nothing too fancy. Just  a raw comic page, an 11”x17” pan and a working oven. Maybe some oregano if you’re trying to be fancy. 

You wanna set your oven to 400 degrees on conventional bake and then carefully place the raw comic page into the oven ever so gently. Make sure it’s sitting in the pan just right, you don’t want to crisp the edges! 

You’ll want to leave it in there for approximately an hour, checking up on it every so often. If it’s not done by the end of the hour, leave it in for an extra five minutes and continue to do this until done. 

Finally, pull your page out of the oven and let it sit for 20 minutes to cool off. From there, you can add your own little decorative aspects to the comic page! Watercolor, screen-tones, digital coloring in photoshop, etc. the choice is up to you!

That’s all for now! Next week we’ll go over how to overcome your crippling self-doubt and the fear that you’ll fail in everything you ever try to accomplish. See you then!

January 23 2015


Why ever see the human eye with the human eye again?

37 Everyday Things That Look Insane in Slow Motion

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September 20 2014

Your Shoes Are Rubbish by Billy Turvey

This Project is about the out of sight and out of mind legacy of the modern consumer. Taking the shoe as a prime example: What used to be a hand crafted item made to last and designed to be repairable, now spends an almost insignificant amount of time on the ground doing what it was made for. 
As soon as the first component on a modern shoe fails, the pair is often discarded. The mass produced shoe is now essentially disposable. After you've finished with them they're just another (two) piece(s) of rubbish that are likely to still be around long after your own body has decomposed; we're all leaving behind ourselves a rubbish legacy. With the development of plastics came a utopian promise to change the world, and change the world it has, plastic has become so materially ingrained in our lives and environment that it's becoming increasingly indistinguishable and inseparable from nature. We took this as a starting point and set out to mine this plastic pollution, we collected rubbish from the west and the south coast of England and the banks of the river Thames. Following this we made a pair of shoes out of the rubbish that all our consumer goods are destined to become. A satirical critique of the legacy we consumers leave in our wake. Far from suggesting we all wear shoes made from rubbish, the project is a talking point around which to stage a conversation about the consumerism game we’re all caught up in.
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August 07 2014


Google Science Fair: Meet Elif Bilgin

Next Time You Eat A Banana, Remember This Girl's Amazing (And Successful) Experiment

July 13 2014


The Technology Behind How to Train Your Dragon 2

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June 25 2014

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Working in Science

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June 02 2014

22,000 Dominoes! (200,000 Subscribers Special) - Hevesh5
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May 24 2014

May 11 2014

The same rule applies to beer too. I've seen it from None Of The Above & since I can't drink beer, hell yeah to instant slushie.

January 14 2014


Behind the Magic - Pacific Rim - The Kaiju

The way ILM brought the Kaiju in Pacific Rim to life is one of the most spectacular things I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Everything about the Kaiju is on point and no detail is spared. Even the way they animated the fat jiggling on Leatherback amazes me. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: the people at Industrial Light and Magic are truly the best at what they do.

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December 06 2013


November 07 2013






It looks like a cigarette.

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October 10 2013

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I think this is the first 6-axis 3d-printer I've seen yet. 6-axis 3d-printing gives you the ability to print on a 3d-surface.
The printer was developed by the students Xuan Song, Yayue Pan and their professor Yong Chen, a short google-search will tell you that they are doing awesome research in 3d-printing technologys such as stereo-lithographic printing.
More informations @3ders.org

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October 05 2013

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October 04 2013

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July 26 2013

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July 12 2013


July 10 2013

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Skull Speed Painting (c) Rendy24
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