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April 01 2017

turned a pre-sleep thought into flat design
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June 12 2015

February 10 2015

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last night's pre sleep thought was wack

January 27 2015

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Had a pre-sleep thought about a ring vibrator used for couples.

January 19 2015


poking fun at Beastboy & Cyborg & their friendship despite having completely different diets


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January 12 2015

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Here I go again irrelevantly making fun of people's starsigns in a literal way.

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December 14 2014

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Nope this isnt a parody the main Jingle Bells song. It's the one that goes "jinglebells jinglebells jinglebells rock".
Also, technically the religion in HTTYD is Norse Pantheism.

December 01 2014


November 26 2014

I am waterbendingly envious of your muthafirebending art skills you goddairbend showoff!
Ugh whatevearthbend.
a pre-sleep thought that came up last night (via thatsridicarus)
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November 24 2014

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my pre-sleep thoughts get shorter & more brief lately. im expecting cleverer puns than this lame one
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November 08 2014

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Finally checked out what HyeonJin means, but I don't trust Google Translate that much.
p.s. yes HyeonJin is an actual name.

October 11 2014

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a pre-sleep thought about a random traveler I'm gonna meet.

September 18 2014

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night-texting, it's just like night-blogging

August 27 2014

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and so this pre-sleep thought happened

August 21 2014

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Suddenly thought of Pete french-kissing his bandmates before falling asleep one night.

July 31 2014

Meanwhile at a gay bar...

Some dude: Someone call the Fabulance, I think he just died from my FABULOUSNESS!
Everyone: Hollaaaaaa~
*swordfight ensues*


Wtf is wrong with this pre-sleep thought it sounds demeaningly stereotyping

June 05 2014


May 27 2014

How the hell is “muslim extremists” a thing when Islam says moderation is a virtue & we’re not allowed to be extreme?
— [X|X]
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Getting confused by someone’s gender makes me smile because people like these have the guts to just be themselves, unafraid n not giving a rat’s ass about people’s judgment.
— [X]
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While it’s true that girls can wear whatever they want in a music video, i hate seeing them with skimpy clothing on when the guys are wearing SUITS. That’s not equality. If the guys wear suits, the girls have to wear suits as well, but if they choose to twerk in bikinis, the boys have to wear speedos and wiggle their crotches while theyre at it.


— [X]
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