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July 06 2014


June 14 2014


June 06 2014


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February 18 2014


February 14 2014

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A dream Tina had which turned out to be an addition to her One Piece OC Juwita's story.

January 29 2014

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Told Kevin about a comic idea I had for our whole gang and it all started with that emoji he had.

January 28 2014

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And this one, a SHERLOCK PARODY WITH INDONESIANIFIED NAMES and slightly edited plotline.
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Another Juwita mini-plotline from Tina. This time, about her dual sword
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a TMG plotline of when Mike becomes a museum guard and saves the day just by sleeping.

January 10 2014

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More of Juwita's backstory plotline, this time involving Barong & Rangda

December 23 2013


October 10 2013

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Plotting for my next Wall of Envy fanfiction (continuing it after 5 years hiatus) and I needed Tina for help cuz she's just as highmaginative.

Plot change: Kevin will be a fox(kitsune) tribesman and Tina will be a cat-owl witch/sorceress

August 27 2013

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I told Tina about this random story plot I thought of one day. It'll make a mean-ass fantasy storybook and I've already got some cool scenery artworks in mind, I just dont know how to project it on paper/photoshop.

And the plot with the gay guy getting jacked off by the straight guy is this: After he left the woman who invited him for tea, the straight guy was one of the people the gay guy met afterwards. For some reason he was shirtless & so the gay guy got a boner & he was all uncomfortable and embarrassed, then the straight guy noticed and he was disgusted by the boner, but he knew exactly what to do. "Quick, to the bathroom!" he ordered and both of them went to the bathroom.
As soon as they're in there the straight guy (who is now shirted) grabs a blindfold & blindfolds himself. The gay guy wondered why and the straight guy said nothing and he just ordered him to drop his pants as he lubed his hand with handwashing soap. Before the gay guy can finish saying "I'm not sure if this is such a good ide-" whoosh goes the straight guy and his hands, jacking the gay guy's boner off and making disgusted remarks along the way. This was super awkward for the gay guy too & he wanted to say something but he was too pleasured with the way the straight guy caressed & tapped his tip. Slow strokes suddenly turning into fast moving grabs. Finally the gay guy came and tada. No more boner.

OH. SHIT. I just wrote a typical plotline for a yaoi fanfiction eW EW EW GET IT OFF

August 25 2012


August 24 2012



Once upon a time…

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March 19 2012

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The Three Doctors - Visual.ly

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