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September 28 2014

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September 11 2014


September 10 2014


September 02 2014


August 17 2014


August 14 2014

August 08 2014

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August 07 2014


August 06 2014


August 01 2014

July 23 2014


July 22 2014


July 01 2014

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April 20 2014

February 24 2014

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January 16 2014






see, here’s what I originally thought. When I first saw this scene, I thought it was kinda suspicious he mentioned his brothers. And, I honestly thought the plot twist was going to be that he ORIGINALLY was planning on just stealing the throne, but fell in love with her instead and then Anna would introduce Kristoff to Elsa and they would all live happily ever after in a hardcore castle party house. So, that’s why the plot twist upset me even MORE because I thought he had changed…but he was as evil as I had originally thought…which is kinda scary.

just a fun fact about me.

I just got the horrible irony of the fact that he never did “shut her out” instead he “shut her in” and left her to die.

i feel bad for hans' mom giving birth to 13 kids omfg.

a moment of silence for Hans' mother

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November 21 2012

"Dad, I'm mom" XDDDD
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September 17 2012




Sometimes I wonder if Matt Smith actually IS the Doctor…

Plot Twist: The Doctor decides to play himself on TV.

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September 16 2012

it all happened so fast by kuroneko3132.
WTF? THAT IS JUST MESSED UP... in a funny way.
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October 09 2011

pre-sleep thought 4-7-2015

Just thought up of a scenario about two kidnappers on a mission to kidnap children from rich families to hold as ransom, and before they broke in one house they see an orphaned little girl being tortured by her evil aunt who owns the house, splashing hot water at her & scratching her with a fork or something. The crooks broke in the house, breaking the doors and suddenly became protective of this kid subconsciously. The tougher guy lashes out at the aunt, threatening to shoot her & yelling at her to leave the kid alone. The second guy (who is slightly more caring) snatches the badly-injured kid from her and told the first guy to call an ambulance. First guy told him "you go on ahead & do that" while still pointing his gun at the aunt's face, eventually knocking her unconscious violently with his gun's barrel.

Second guy managed to call the ambulance & when they came the kidnappers hid the gun somewhere & realizing that they wanna save this kid, they took off their masks. When the medics came in they were really confused at first & quick to assumption, seeing two men in heist suits, a badly-injured girl & a woman knocked unconscious, but the first guy told the little girl to speak up & clear the situation. The second guy added the truth that they were initially gonna kidnap this girl for ransom, but seeing the situation, he felt a change of heart and wanted this kid to live in better hands instead. The first guy shamelessly told the medics to "put the hospital bills on this rich-ass woman" & the second guy told them to take her to the hospital as well (to which the first guy disagrees but then he's fine when the 2nd guy said she'll be put to jail for child abuse immediately after recovery). The medics laughed cuz this was the first time they witnessed two bad guys unexpectedly came to someone's rescue.
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