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August 01 2014

June 21 2012


Fic: The Development of a Cybernetic Life



Title: The Development of a Cybernetic Life 1/?

Rating: G (for now, I’ll try to remember to specify for each part)

Pairing: David 8/You

Summary: Mr. Weyland delivers a David 8 to help you at work and makes his development your responsibility.

Author’s Note: I’m sticking with second-person pov for this series, though I’m thinking that there will be sections from David’s pov. This particular part is a continuation of what I put up the other day, so the first half will be familiar to most of my followers. Any and all errors are mine. Sometimes, this fic will be funny. Other times serious, sad, etc. I think that’s about it. Enjoy!

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people who write like this are the reason why i keep drawing Prometheus fanart and crack. thank you.

(via valetudo)

May 25 2011

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