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May 25 2017

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April 17 2015



[generic anime girl voice] eeeehhhh!!??


[generic anime boy voice] hhhhAAAaAaaAAAaAAA???!!


[tough ass anime guy voice]


[large-breasted girl voice]



[cool antagonist anime guy voice]



raise your hand if you could hear them all in your head

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October 15 2014

i am 0% the person i was three years ago and i would probably get in a fight with 2011 me
superstreetfighter2turbohdremix (via evelyneboobchu)
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May 27 2014


March 23 2014

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I know that Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet and Steven are supposed to mean Heart, Mind, Balance and Bliss or something like that, but I think the way they interact is not really good. They are not serious enough with Steven, Pearl is too bossy and uptight and always picks on Amethyst, or dismiss Steven, Amethyst doesn’t take things seriously to the point of risking it all just to mess with Pearl and Garnet is too quiet on her corner, She is the new leader and yet she doesn’t act nor like a Gem leader not like a family’s leader. 

It’s really hard to see them act like they should to avoid further conflict, and not only it’s not nice to see it all the time, it gives a sensation that even this major flaws no one should do go unpunished and have no consequences whatsoever.

I wonder why do they do that. I’m pretty sure it can’t be laziness, it must have a meaning.

MOD: I’d like to respectfully disagree. The gems have an incredibly positive relationship, far from ‘unhealthy’. They’re like a family, of course there will be some sort of tension (ex. how Amethyst and Pearl occasionally bicker with each other) between one another. Siblings don’t always get along but they still love each other. And as for the gems not treating him seriously, what does that matter? Steven is the youngest and the least experienced gem of them all. They shower him with love and support, and they remain cool whenever he messes up because they realize that he’s human and he can learn from his mistakes.

March 06 2014

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Did You Know? Brad Bird, the writer and director of The Incredibles, based each of the characters powers on family archetypes. “The dad is always expected in the family to be strong, so i made him strong. The moms are always pulled in a million different directions, so I made her stretch like taffy. Teenagers…are insecure and defensive, so I made her turn invisible and turn on shields. Ten-year-old boys are hyperactive energy balls. And babies are unrealized potential,” says Bird

Yea that’s all great but where is my fucking sequel

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January 05 2013

I am partially offended by this. So you mean to tell me that watching TV everyday is unsuccessful? The TV news is actually more updated than newspapers. And what about professional critics? Compliments are not always 100% good especially if there is room for improvement; it's a critic's JOB to criticize. And taking all the credit? It's only bad if someone else other than themselves worked hard on it; those who did it themselves DO deserve all the credit. And people don't know what they want to be because they can be more than just one achiever. And exuding anger is actually good for the soul to function well, we need a balance of emotions, not just joy.

Remember, you cannot be successful without experiencing the reality of being unsuccessful.
It's just like the 7 deadly sins; most people want to wipe them out clear of our lives but we can't live without just a small amount of them, since they're essential for motivation and moving forward.
also, like you said, "Remember, you cannot be successful without experiencing the reality of being unsuccessful." that's a keeper. But still, nothing wrong with trying to improve a bit using this poster.
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June 09 2012

What your glasses frames say about you [The Spectacle Spectrum Of Personalities] - Readers.com
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January 15 2012


December 05 2011

not sure about them cuz I havent watched Green Lantern yet
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