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April 17 2015

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Now, I know lots of you out there love comics and some of you may be wondering, how do those gosh darned comic makers make their comics? Well, everyone has their own method and style, but I thought it might be helpful to the folks at home if I whipped up a little how-to guide of my own!

Now, you’ll need a couple ingredients, nothing too fancy. Just  a raw comic page, an 11”x17” pan and a working oven. Maybe some oregano if you’re trying to be fancy. 

You wanna set your oven to 400 degrees on conventional bake and then carefully place the raw comic page into the oven ever so gently. Make sure it’s sitting in the pan just right, you don’t want to crisp the edges! 

You’ll want to leave it in there for approximately an hour, checking up on it every so often. If it’s not done by the end of the hour, leave it in for an extra five minutes and continue to do this until done. 

Finally, pull your page out of the oven and let it sit for 20 minutes to cool off. From there, you can add your own little decorative aspects to the comic page! Watercolor, screen-tones, digital coloring in photoshop, etc. the choice is up to you!

That’s all for now! Next week we’ll go over how to overcome your crippling self-doubt and the fear that you’ll fail in everything you ever try to accomplish. See you then!

January 18 2015

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Who wants pizza?!

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May 17 2014

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This is pop punk in one picture.

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September 11 2012

cookin' cat soup
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August 24 2012


February 22 2011

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