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April 19 2015



Today’s update is going here as well as on my Patreon!

I’m starting up a comic for an unknown period of time about Mellie (pictured here) and their cute manticore boyfriend, Claude. (Not pictured here.)

Each page, or every other page, there will be something for the 7 dollar pledgers to vote on. If you’re already a patron, please don’t be shy about commenting on the Patreon’s pictures!! If you’re not a patron.. maybe become one if you’d like to leave your mark!

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February 07 2015


January 26 2015

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sad thing is, you can’t beat this man in a fight so you can’t say shit about his fit

why would you say shit in the first place? this man is on another level

November 19 2014

Redrawing outfits from my old comics

Although I'm not really into fashion, sometimes I like to draw outfits & dresses occasionally for fun, and seeing that I made some weird, weird outfits back in the early 2000s, they might just be weird enough to actually be made into a runway clothing line. Well some of them are still normal & wearable though but nevermind.

Initially, the clothes' designs are inspired by clothes worn by the kids in Digimon, Pokemon and all those 90's cartoons (mostly Digimon, thus the TIGHT tights), but as the series progresses the clothes I design become more "wearable" and seem to have lost their weird quirky touch (maybe cuz I got into emo fashion due to pop-punk bandoms)

also i got tired of drawing regular fashion model poses so i drew those instead lol

Go to my art blog to see the references (the actual drawings of these outfits I did in the early 2000s, pardon the sucky camera quality) if you wanna compare & contrast.

November 10 2014

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Outfits from my old R&M and MRMF comics.
I highly question my early 2000's fashion sense. They look ridiculous as hell... enough to have a fashion show just for them.

The last three are ok though, they've begin to normalize once I get into pop-punk music & bands and less 90's anime.

October 13 2014



if you are a lil unsure about your outfit just remember rupert grint went to his first premiere wearing this



#i dont know i think emma’s was worse



#dan didn’t get the memo


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August 31 2014


Princess Mintgum + Prince Breathmint

First off, Twixet thought up of Princess Mintgum (a minty chewing gum version of Princess Bubblegum) & I had the honor of designing her outfits. I came up with four designs & days later an idea of her genderbent version, Prince Breathmint, popped up. Had to design another four outfits for him, heheh.

I got more creative with their initial outfit designs, cuz some of the rest are basically just copies of Princess Bubblegum's & Prince Gumball's casual outfits, only mint-candy-ified.
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August 27 2014

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Garnet is a babe and no one can convince me otherwise.

Bit of a sketch dump of Garnet in Estelle’s(her voice actress) outfits!

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May 21 2014


January 02 2014

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So did they just switch outfits or?

"Dude, people will realize"

"Don’t worry, just add a tie, they’ll never know"

Do you think they sleep in bunk beds and just swap clothes from time to time?

you can’t be real bros without switching shirts with each other

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May 20 2013

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the next time i think its a great idea to design six magical girls for practice, pls stop me….

for a potential print! maybe! some designs will probably be revised.

(via toukos-fukawas)

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March 18 2013



after rewatching the first season i was so pleased with the way the team rocket dressed. james was put in traditionally feminine clothing but it was never made into a joke and he was totally comfortable with it and that is so great

reblogging this for commentary because Jessie was (is) a badass woman who wasn’t afraid to say what she wanted and in general Team Rocket in animeverse is super cool about messing about with ideas of gender and that is why I love them all so much. 

This is Team Rocket Appreciation Blog and always will be.

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October 13 2012


October 05 2012

The colors of fall, we love them all!
(decalz via Patricia, Tiffany, and Patricia!)
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From Cosplay, to Neon, to the classic Blood Ball, White Night, and more.
(via 30secondstomars)
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September 03 2012

July 13 2012


June 25 2012


April 26 2012


April 12 2012


Sailor Moon + Hipster + Lady Gaga = THIS
(via Myoo89)
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