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August 03 2017

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Small comic about a cute couple in my office whom I rarely talk to. The guy is the bossman's nephew btw. I wonder if they legit like blue, or they just have a lot of blue clothes.

*inserts Red vs Blue / Dick Figures / Team Fortress II / Overwatch jokes somewhere*

June 13 2015

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♡ casual princesses and a queen ♡

I’ll add the others some time soon. For now I need to work on commissions uwu

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June 06 2015

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me @ every single sexualised female video game character in existence 

thank u shaggy

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April 29 2015

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Post a picture of your favorite outfit!
Been wanting to get my hands on this uniform since 2007 #neverforget. Source

OMG ARTOO I WAS OBSESSED WITH THE BLACK PARADE MARCHING UNIFORM TOO!!! I was in a Marching Band back then on Elementary so I really want those at that time :" (by Suketchiihara6978)

AAAAH lucky you you got to be in a marching band n i didnt... lol the uniforms wouldve made any marhcing band look more badass, even Spongebob'a band in that early episode.

April 17 2015




friendly reminder that since it’s getting hot out, people of all sizes and genders can wear whatever they want to keep themselves cool and comfortable, and you are, under no circumstances, allowed to shame them or sexualize them for it.

+ fucking respect hijabis and people who choose to cover up

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April 02 2015

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Never not repost

One thing that always bothered me about that picture of mulan, more than the obvious artifice which is pretty out of character, is the colour of her outfit. The general consensus seems to be that mulan took place in the Northern Wei dynasty, but during the Tang Dynasty which preceded it, the colour yellow, especially bright yellow, had become the exclusive domain of the Emperor. And in those times disrespect to the Emperor could cost you your head at best and the lives of you and your entire family at worst. So, y know, maybe don’t put her in yellow clothes.

I love the history side if tumblr

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February 10 2015


September 18 2014

Then what's stopping ya from rockin that outfit?
Sketched this a few days ago. Digitized it last night.
The thought is based on my own frustration of wearing my favorite outfits & trying to look how I want myself to look in them sometimes (that's not me up there though, just a random person who wants to look good in their outfit).

...and then i thought everyone should see this because body-shaming should stop. It's not just towards cosplayers and models, it's also towards everyone else. And for those who hasn't complimented you in your favorite outfits yet, well now you're looking at it. Stay confident.

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August 27 2014

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Of course I drew Sugilite in Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda outfits, how could I not?!

Freakin’ babe she is

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Garnet is a babe and no one can convince me otherwise.

Bit of a sketch dump of Garnet in Estelle’s(her voice actress) outfits!

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August 09 2014

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I’m a little late to this, but her new outfit is AMAZING!! 

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July 25 2014

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Post a photo of your favourite outfit!

my favorite outfit changes overtime but for now it's these two, a gift from soup.io

July 17 2014


June 01 2014


March 21 2014





"um starfire’s powers are fueled by the sun that’s why she has to wear skimpy clothes" hey u know who else’s powers are fueled by the sun? superman. come on clark time for that toothfloss speedo chop chop

his nipples are covered by tiny capes


truth, justice, and the american way

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October 09 2013

tumbloup: attires
dammit I actually wrote their *coughpairingnamecough* up there. I don't ship these two together but if you're talking about them being good friends who get crazy together, then probably yeah I do

Got pretty excited seeing Sydnor's Soup layout cuz finally Soup blogs can pull off the grid look, just like in Tumblr, Wordpress & Blog.com. Originally when I did Soup-tan showing off her new dress I was gonna make Tumblr-tan say "well FINALLY," until ~Dianoska did some changes on the idea :B that's ok though.

cheetos madafaka
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August 28 2013

Miley ripped Pewdie's Harlem Shake outfit omg
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July 19 2013

Hipster statues
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October 27 2012

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August 18 2012

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