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October 29 2014

thatsridicarus: "Oh that artwork looks so good, Imma copy it."
 Instead, you did it better. XD
the optimist list wooyeah~

haha there's always gonna be a little bit of you inside the artworks you copy, eventhough you try so hard to draw in the original artist's style. depends if you made it worse or better, it's how other viewers and yourself see it.

June 01 2014

Why Didnt I Vs I'm Gonna
Similar concept as weiliwonka 's bits [x] [x] heh.

and a reminder for me to stop thinking negatively & start thinking positively. there's a lot of things i wish i'd done way earlier but then again it's never too late to do said things anyway.

proudly wearing my new soup.io shirt
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May 27 2014


February 21 2013



A new drawing,

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January 19 2013



Stop It I’m Sad

(via ryouji-mochizuki)

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January 06 2012


October 24 2011


April 01 2011

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