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November 22 2014


October 22 2014


October 13 2014

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Showing Tina some plushies and other things found in Hua Ho Manggis and some of the plushies matched our gang.

Also the birthday prediction, I dont buy them. But lol it's funny thinking how Tina's gonna act one day if she's married.

October 10 2014

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Tina was just talking about one of the admirals in One Piece. And their backstory.
Reposted byachaia achaia

October 03 2014

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It was raining where Tina's at... and suddenly I sang the Its Raining Its Pouring song and added some One Piece to it n we brainstormed a short storyline.

August 24 2014

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Tina had this dream and it was heartbreaking. PLUS when she woke up she was accompanied with a sad song that she recorded & it goes well with the sadness.

July 06 2014


May 21 2014


May 01 2014

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I've told Tina a few times that her unused Blogger/Blogspot blog should be transformed into either a cooking blog or a blog to dump her plotlines & ideas. She's already planning to remove her old contents cuz it was a painful past. Now she's happy-go-luffy as frickfrack.
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The next day in the morning, juwita left went down the stair, thinking tht she was the first to get up, she was surprised to see Robin happily having tea and breakfast with Tante Halimah. Sanji too, helping Pak Kassim out in the garden, to wash n cook them.

Tante Halimah: where r u going so early in the morning?

Juwita: i have some matters to settle before i leave.

Tante: is tht so, well at least hv some breakfast before u leave. You won’t do a good job if u don’t eat ur breakfast

Juwita sat down and put down her bag. She’s about to grab the teapot but Robin pour it for her with ehr extra hands.

Juwita: thank you Kak Robin

Robin: you’re welcome

Sanji walk in with a huge basket on his back, filled with fruits and veggies.

Sanji: oh Juwita! Ur up early.

Pak kassim: where r u going so early in the morning juwita? Everyone will come today so don’t leave them behind like tht.

Juwita: i know pak, don’t worry, i’ll be back by lunch. But aren’t they gonna stay fr dinner?

Tante: no, they have their own matters. So they just stop by at lunch

Juwita: well thts too bad. I thought i could talk to them a little more longer.

She quickly finished her breakfast and add another between her mouth, picking up the bag and hurriedly leaving

Juwita: gotta go now, i’ll see u later at lunch.

Juwita salam dan cium tangan both tanter n pak kassim before she left the orphanage home with one hand holding her breakfast with she held them between her mouth earlier.

Tante: you be careful along the way okay?

Pak: watch where u going alright?

Robin: see u later

Sanji: please becareful juwita~


Juwita left... Pak Kassim and Tante Halimah let out a sigh.

Tante: they came, grew up, and leave... Thts how its always been in this house.... Fr 35 years.

Sanji: 35 years?! Thts a lot of kids. Are they still around?

Pak: well not all, some goes to their seperate ways, some become marines, some died during tht war long time ago when they were just kids. Some even join some revolution army or smthng. And some disappeared... Never to be heard again... On their on journey i believe.

But parents these days never knew the happiness of having their own kids. The children we take care these past decades are the unlucky ones and the lucky ones.

Robin: lucky one and unlucky ones?

Tante: lucky because maybe their parents are abusive, or that their parents died but no other relatives want to take care of them, so we take care of them with love. They deserve the love thy need.

Pak: unlucky because... They live in this horrid era, where they witness the deaths around them, witnessing horrible things they shouldn't see, growing up with those images in their mind. And now look where they are now. Growing to be the bad guys, even ran away... Going out on their own.... Out there in this kind of era.

Robin: how many kids has it been in those 35 years

Pak: *laughing* those little rascals, 368 kids.

Sanji: whoa! 368?! So Juwita is one of the latest?

Tante: oh no, theres more little kids after juwita.

Robin: u don't hae ur own children?

Pak: just one

Tante: but he died, very young. His name was Raja.

Sanji n Robin looked shocked

Tante: Who knew, he is one of the deity on this island.

Pak: he never really show it, until Juwita came.

Tante: raja found her by the sea in a wooden casket. So we took her in.

Pak: juwita, persaka n purnama is the youngest among the 5 of them.

Tante: and they never leave eachother's sight. Always together.

April 03 2014

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Yet again a ZorWita picture to make Tina nosebleed to death cuz I'm a troll.
And that's the last one for this week (or month)'s copying spree.

March 29 2014


March 25 2014

Steven Universe artdump
...plus bits of Hetalia, One Piece and Shrek

I've been watching a lot of Steven Universe and for the past few days my hands itch to draw the characters. They start out as notebook sketches as usual.
I also wanted to see the Crystal Gems in different outfits so yeah.

Connie... I felt like drawing her with Seychelles (Hetalia) probably cuz they both live in beach-ish areas (well Connie moves around but for now she stays in Beach City).
Nevermind the foods below them are fictional snacks I might use in my next comic.

3rd row: Zoro with myoo89's One Piece OC Juwita.
And Luffy with Steven embracing their matchy-matchyness, and Pearl trying to figure out how digital cameras work (then again she's quite brainy so she probably figured this one quick

Onion and Shrek. Just because.

Lars and Sadie doing their donut dance or something

and lastly, to join Pearl with the digital camera, here's Garnet with a cellphone and Amethyst with a PSP. Garnet's probably sitting down.
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Tina and I discussing which One Piece character our whole gang would be.
And I found out that in Steven Universe, people like Garnet and Pearl more than Amethyst.

March 02 2014

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Tina and I discussing if Gakuen OnePiece happens, what subjects are they gonna take

February 14 2014

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A dream Tina had which turned out to be an addition to her One Piece OC Juwita's story.

January 28 2014

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Sanji x Zoro x Usopp threesome... to soursop.
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Another Juwita mini-plotline from Tina. This time, about her dual sword

January 14 2014

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I actually don't know what we're actually talking about

January 10 2014

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More of Juwita's backstory plotline, this time involving Barong & Rangda
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