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June 05 2015

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Today is World Environment Day! How do you plan to make a positive impact on our Earth?
the least i can do right now is recycle all the wasted paper due to stupid photocopying mistakes, which strangely doubled the amount today idk why. someone mustve been pranking us.
but hey i made a notebook
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April 03 2015




She thinks she is helping me study

but this makes turning the pages a little complicated.

Love her


in my days we weren’t allowed notebooks down in the slytherin common room 

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January 15 2015

November 28 2014

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I found my kindergarten notebook

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November 10 2014


November 04 2014



Spring Luncheon Guest Dessert Feature

This beautiful green and yellow spring themed table was sent to us by Stephanie and Izabela from Sweet Table in Canada. They created this dessert table for a ladies luncheon. They were inspired by the beautiful hues of Spring. Sweet treats included cake pops, cupcakes, lemon bars, and a beautiful ombre rosette cake.

To see more features inspired by Spring, click here and here.

Photography by MK Photographics.

I really want the pencil & the notebook. And the cakes, they look delicious & green. Actually I want them all.

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October 28 2014


February 20 2014

A book I bought from Scoop. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a diary or something cuz of its thickness, but dang I love the art so much, and it sort of inspired me to do some of my recent watercolor paintings.

I'm giving this away to one of my awesomest friends.
I wanna know who's the original artist who drew all these cuz I'm not sure if the name on the front cover is their actual name or not.

January 24 2014

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sorry not sorry

repost cause it got a chuckle outta me

now this, I SHIP IT.
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January 10 2014


BFFL notebook cover

I tried painting them first with watercolor just to see what the patterns will look like. I love the texture but too bad I don’t have a scanner right now, so the writings look unclear.

BFFL book covers
More notebook cover designs! I'm still inspired by Scoop and all the notebook covers they sold in that store, so this time I'm trying to draw my characters from BFFL in a different style. This oughtta be fun.

At first I tried drawing the lineart, and then coloring it traditionally with watercolor. This is the final product, but I just thought I could put some textures in there (cuz I like the watercolor textures so much but I need to make the writings pop out too).

More on my art blog
BFFL © me
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January 03 2014


Another book cover design I did in a few versions.
The pattern is probably overused already, but there's a reason why. It looks nice as a book cover. Or a dress (but I don't wear dresses)

Alternating leaves with the same color as the stems just for fun.

September 26 2013


September 21 2013


September 16 2013


January 27 2013


VHS Notebook | Buy here

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DIY Moleskine Style Notebook: Case Binding (How to Make) - SeaLemonDIY
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DIY Candy Box Book: Perfect Binding (How to Make) - SeaLemonDIY

January 26 2013

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December 10 2012

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