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December 20 2014



The evolution of my cell phones during four years of high school. I dropped all three in the toilet at one point, the iPhone died, the Razr survived and the Nokia broke the toilet.

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September 30 2014

So this totally happened with Techchrunch & Mashable on my Twitter feed

September 13 2014

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Making father proud
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August 26 2014

joelbrags: " is not Sarah Connor."
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March 24 2014

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After a month of Beta Testing, now MOLOME for Windows Phone is ready to move out of Beta. And as promised earlier, Instagram Sharing would be available in the full version. On MOLOME v4.0.2 onwards, you will be able to share your photo to Instagram directly from MOLOME ! Imagine, make your photo funnier with MOLOME and share it to the world to Instagram. Awesome, isn’t it?! MOLOOO ^0^

Not only that, there is also some major change on UI as you can see that the photo is now expanded to fit the screen. Bigger is better, huh !? MOLO ^0^

Update now on Windows Phone Store ! MOLO ^0^

I still like that background image they used... what if someone redrew it using Molome & Instagram personifications?

October 02 2013


August 12 2013


July 12 2013

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What was your first mobile phone?
Nokia 5310 Xpress Music

July 05 2013


June 22 2013

BAHAHAHA NGAKAK GW BelekBeri. Lagi iseng2 ngegugel 'belekberi' ketemu nih, sama iPon & Norkia (kenapa gak NORAKia aja ya?)
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May 04 2013

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Switch to the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone - Engadget Reader's Choice Smartphone of the Year
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August 27 2012



Close enough…?

Since Thor & Pikachu are bffs, Pikachu will do anything to help Thor make everything fair for Loki (as embarrassing as it is) amirite?
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July 10 2012

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Anyone else remeber this?
(via 9GAG)
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May 08 2012

8-bit Nokia phones
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April 19 2012

Tags: nokia brick
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March 09 2012

Le Gardenie Mobile Game - Nokia Power - Free nokia games, ringtones, applications, graphics and videos

Link: http://www.nokiapower.com/index.php?showtopic=6991

I didn't know there is a nokia phone game for le gardenie

I tried downloading it but it says it's not there anymore. Dude where's Ben Wong when you need him to approve this game based on his characters? If he does this game'll be massively sold everywhere D:

February 25 2012

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I'm no photographer, BUUUUUT....
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September 07 2011


August 29 2011


July 25 2011

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