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December 21 2012

Powerpuff Icky, Cass & Herc again showing off their powers. Trying to do something like this.
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December 03 2012


November 30 2012

2193 d198
Jumpin' Jack Frost.
Lol some people do the walk cycle, I did the jumpcycle.
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November 15 2012

Powerpuff Herc, Icky & Cass. Cuz they're one of my fave trios.
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October 08 2012

2660 4e7a
A miscellaneous exercise for Animation Studies in semester 3. I can't believe I almost forgot about this. The banana peel slip & the tomato logo especially :3

October 07 2012


October 03 2012

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A short animation I made briefly explaining how to use Soup.
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August 07 2012

Decided to make an Adocu explain video using AfterEffects

July 08 2012

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Iklan Oreo Rasa Listerine
Bet you never tasted Listerine-flavored Oreo before. Tasty cookies that you can also use to clean yer mouth.

Starring my ickle cousin & sister.

A parody of the Indonesian Orange-flavored Icecream Oreo commercial.

December 09 2011


August 15 2011

Short animation I did with Toon Boom Studio. Hey this is my first time alright [x]
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