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February 05 2012



Muslim Sailor Mars.

Edit: Hey guys!  I’m really sorry about the crosshair thing.  I didn’t even think about that since that’s how I’ve been drawing sparkles for a billion years.  Anyway, I changed it to more of a star/moon dealie so I hope that’s better!  Forgive me. ;A;!  I’ll change the others here in a min…

(Reblogging myself like a pro, neh? :D )

F YEAH. I shall forever make a shrine for this drawing

October 22 2011


May 16 2011

She can't show her hair but she can still show her punk soul.
Tags: punk muslim girl
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March 17 2011

I'm not entirely sure if i wanna post this here... i feel this picture's got a lot of conflicts & conflicting ideas
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