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November 19 2014

Redrawing outfits from my old comics

Although I'm not really into fashion, sometimes I like to draw outfits & dresses occasionally for fun, and seeing that I made some weird, weird outfits back in the early 2000s, they might just be weird enough to actually be made into a runway clothing line. Well some of them are still normal & wearable though but nevermind.

Initially, the clothes' designs are inspired by clothes worn by the kids in Digimon, Pokemon and all those 90's cartoons (mostly Digimon, thus the TIGHT tights), but as the series progresses the clothes I design become more "wearable" and seem to have lost their weird quirky touch (maybe cuz I got into emo fashion due to pop-punk bandoms)

also i got tired of drawing regular fashion model poses so i drew those instead lol

Go to my art blog to see the references (the actual drawings of these outfits I did in the early 2000s, pardon the sucky camera quality) if you wanna compare & contrast.

November 10 2014

2552 bb93 500

Outfits from my old R&M and MRMF comics.
I highly question my early 2000's fashion sense. They look ridiculous as hell... enough to have a fashion show just for them.

The last three are ok though, they've begin to normalize once I get into pop-punk music & bands and less 90's anime.

April 18 2012

The Explanation behind MRMF

Recently, after stumbling upon a gross porn comic that scarred me for life, and it was about Digimon, I suddenly remembered about a comic series I did when I was in grade school. Sadly the drawings are never shown on the internet due to the extremely crappy quality and we had no scanner that time. The comic was called MRMF – Masters of Radical Mischief Forever.

November 11 2011

Product Placement and The Fishes in old MRMF comics

Product Placement: Philips blenders

Ironic to think that I dislike product placement when back in my childhood I did one of the very first product placement in one of my MrMf comics.

Ok this was probably in 2005 when I’ve just entered a drawing contest in The Mall, sponsored by Philips. But I lost to thecarefree-art and got a consolation prize instead. Now these Philips blenders were one of the products displayed that we have to include in our drawings, and because I only got a consolation prize in the contest, I decided to draw these three blenders in my comics instead. Don’t know why though, maybe I was angry that I didn’t get the top three, or I was just inspired & momentarily attached to them like they were cats or something.

Honestly wtf is wrong with the plotlines in here? Running around in diners with blenders and randomly grinding people’s hands with them AIN’T pranks, it’s closer to homicide.



Dude what omgg

Was this the one with the Philips competition at the Mall back then because I found that awkward
But man your sense of humour in the comics were still great, even until now


Yeah, yeah it was.

Which one do you find awkward, the drawings or the fact that we have to incorporate Philips products in our drawings?
Bahahahahahahah thanks tho it is in a weird kinda way, and it’s evolving. Back when I was a kid everything I draw was all WTF.

The Fishes references

Oh boy another dick move!
Anyone remembers that comic by (ex-Gempakstarz artist) Ben Wong featured in Utopia Magazine called The Fishes? Yep that came around in 2004 or something.

One of the characters in The Fishes called Ann, (here’s the dick move I mentioned earlier) I subtly featured her as a cameo in MRMF as one of our prank victims (because we got bored of pranking Kari Kamiya from Digimon) and she ended up being stripped down and got her pants hooked on to helium balloons cuz embarrassment was the key to prank success.

During the early chapters I got too interested in the purple keychain (that matches the purple bag) and the art style. Since one of my friends in MrMf, Maj, is Pisces, I thought it’d be perfect to “give” her THIS keychain. And by “give” I mean “modify”. Paint it a different color and feature it in my comic with an added somethig: This keychain doubles as an ELECTRIC BUZZER, complete with a separate remote controller. Basic prank gadget.

The Fishes (c) Ben Wong
MRMF (c) tween me from the early 2000’s

September 03 2011

found dialogue in an old MRMF comic

  • 1: Hey, gimmie back my Juggernaut action figure!
  • 2: No can do, JUGG-HEAD!
  • 1: C'mon, Sabertooth! Gimmie back my Wolverine!
  • 2: Not until you give me my Professor X back, you Magneto!
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