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November 26 2014




What if you went out on a date with a moth and he took you by the hand with one of his fuzzy little legs and he was like “I want to take you to the most beautiful place I know, because you deserve nothing less” and when you get there it’s literally just a lamp

There is no conceivable clarification I could ask for regarding this scenario whose answer wouldn’t just raise further questions.

October 20 2014


and in that moment I swear... we were all moths

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March 03 2014

yo lemme just smash my head into this fucking lamp for six hours
— Moths (via dubstepfordads)

December 04 2013


October 27 2013

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▶ Moths vs Butterflies - The Brain Scoop

August 08 2013

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Moths are so fucking metal
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June 22 2013

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venezuelan poodle moth
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May 09 2013

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There’s a Moth that looks like a spider


The Lygodium Spider Moth, or Siamusotima aranea, is a species of moth that looks like a spider.

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October 04 2011

Kawaii Not - Like A Moth To The Flame
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