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September 24 2014

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On Kakaotalk Tina just randomly showed me that pic and somehow FOB’s Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes came to my head.
I’m not even sure how those lyrics fit the little blue milk bee cat in the aqua jar myself.
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August 09 2014

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First time buying a new jar in Mitchiri Neko Mix 2. At first it looks like a bong jar, but Tina said it's a coffee jar, but later on I've conlcuded that that's a round-bottomed laboratory flask with a burette attached on top.
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Had this dream due to being introduced to MeowChat & having been playing Mitchiri Neko Mix for a couple of weeks. I still blame Tina.

August 04 2014

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Mitchirineko mix 2 mega post.

I gotta know the names of each types & species of cat.

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