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November 12 2017


The time i invaded Musfirah's privacy and turned her into Melanie Martinez. Or, the time that I wanted to make comics like my childhood comics again because I miss the feeling of innocently peeking at people in bathrooms without everyone thinking im a pervert.

That’s my current hair, yep, & the mint wings from this comic return.

Btw I’m aware that Melanie has a new music video for Soap (prequel-ing Training Wheels) & doesn’t look like that anymore, but I had this idea since last November I think & the vid didnt come out yet then

October 19 2014

What would be the title of your autobiography?

I Knew Chocolate Wings Melt Under The Sun But I Still Use Them And Fly Too Close To It Anyway - an autobiography by me

Finally I Got Mint Wings From The Store But They Still Burn Under The Sun - the sequel

My Friend Built An Armor With Steel Wings But They're Too Heavy To Fly - the trilogy

March 04 2014

Mint Wings

Yep you guessed it. the idea of these mint wings were taken from the Adventure Time episode Blade of Grass, where Finn gets a new grass sword which at first tried to possess his arm and ended up being a part of him right after he's learnt to accept the sword. Since I miss doing comics about myself flying a tad bit closer to the sun like For The 42nd Time and While Flying, might as well go for the mint wings that applied the same way as the grass sword.

And I miss those days of drawing comics traditionally, on paper and mixed media, with black frames. Sadly I haven't got sharpies or copic markers with me so I only used watercolor pencils for this occasion. And I was listening to Breathe Owl Breathe's "Own Stunts" during coloring the last scene and it suits the scene quite perfectly.

Featuring my two friends myoo89 & likaura

February 18 2014

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