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May 06 2015

All 6 of Choc Chugs' flavors (for now)

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Three new Choc Chugs flavors: Orange, Cherry and Blueberry! More fruity tastes to accompany Date Choc Chugs.

Previous Choc Chugs: Honey & Mint

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May 01 2015

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Previously: Mint Choc Chugs & Honey Choc Chugs

Once I tried making a date milkshake with bananas & some ice cream cuz we had a lot of uneaten leftover dates from Ramadan. Dates contain a lot of sugar and they go well with bananas (eventhough for some reason they dont blend so smoothly when I used the blender).

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April 25 2015

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Up next in the Choc Chugs series, after Mint Choc Chugs, here comes Honey Choc Chugs!
I also felt that chocolate & honey would make a good combination but some people might not agree, cuz it’s gonna taste too sweet.
next: Date Choc Chugs

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April 17 2015

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Another box sample I designed for our print shop. A milk carton this time.
Man I wish this brand exists cuz I wanna drink chocolate milk with a slight mint flavor. Mint & chocolate is a good combination

That blue one was a printing mistake since the printer was faulty that time. Sometime later I printed a second sheet & the colors came out just right.

next: Honey Choc Chugs | Date Choc Chugs

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August 02 2013

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Blur - Coffee And TV
Until now I just discovered that the milk carton character comes from this music video... why didn't I listen to Blur earlier? D:

and look, the milk carton cutout template
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