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November 17 2014


Wiper lets you delete text messages after you've sent them

Have you ever sent a text message and instantly regretted it? If only there were a delete button for messages that have already been sent.

The privacy-friendly, free Wiper messaging app for iOS and Android offers that option.

It allows you to text or make phone calls using end-to-end encryption. Wiper also allows you to wipe text conversations from your phone, the receiver's phone and even Wiper's servers, or so the developers claim.


November 15 2014


Google releases Material Design Messenger app for Android

A new Google app that allows you to text your friends? Wait, is this replacing Hangouts? Wait, why? Yes, no, and because, to answer those queries, respectively. Google Messenger is now out on the Play Store, having been officially confirmed to exist by Google last month.
But what about Hangouts, you ask? Well, that application isn't going anywhere anytime soon, it would seem. Yet, Google isn't doing it any favors by outing a standalone version of Messenger, an app with very similar messaging features to the aforementioned. Messenger does come pre-installed on Android Lollipop, alongside Hangouts, but now it's available to devices running version 4.1 (or higher) of Google's operating system. As expected, you can use Messenger for SMS and MMS phone functions, in addition to being able to send and receive audio messages. The app is also quite elegant, since it does come with the new Material Design look.
Not a fan of using Google Hangouts for SMS on Android? Don’t worry, Google isn’t going to force you to use it!
A new, standalone messaging app for Android appeared on the Play Store this morning that brings the company’s Material Design language to the humble SMS app.
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