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November 13 2019


August 05 2019


May 25 2019

6695 95ed



has this been done yet

Is this…

  • Loss?
  • Despacito?
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May 19 2019

my meme alignment results. im disappointed.
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May 01 2019

the Bih Squad is growing

David's original photo was for Status Magazine, but after Justin copied it for a joke & Ethan & Cameron joined in, it officially becomes an inside meme among the Umbrella Academy cast & im scared of how much power this one Justin Min possesses on social media
i can't with Justin Min rn http://www.kwai.com/i/photo/lwx?userId=405338481&photoId=5239243739002418411 
On David Castañeda's original pic Justin commented "You look like a sexy Mexican priest about to lead a prayer. And to that I say Amen" & when Justin posted HIS photo, lots of fans on Twitter & IG commented "you look like a sexy Korean priest about to lead a prayer. And to that I say Amen" 😂 
David only replied "yes I know" to Justin's caption "when you know, you know. Bih." tbh i expected more from you CastañYEETus.

February 10 2019

Still having them Sally Face feels after watching a few youtubers' gameplay. This was again a redraw of a comic I doodled when i was bored at the office. Tbh I dont even like TikTok memes 🙃

December 26 2017

2017 art summary
ugh I don't like my dA username anymore, lemme get a temporary premium membership just to change it.
Blank template: Summary of art BLANK by dustbunnythumper

Alright so, some of the drawings here (esp. on the early months) aren't on dA, I've just begin submitting stuff here again later this year.

Some explanations:
• On March I got a job as an animator, so in preparation I've been finishing an unfinished AfterEffects animation & did some other song lyrics videos, so there weren't any solid drawings.
• May was my birthday, and I was still animating so the only drawing I got was the age series I did every year.
• They reassigned me as a graphic designer on July though, so I got time to draw again. Plus the boss lent me his iPad pro on October, and thus the change in texture or art style.

August 13 2017

Jumped in the memewagon. Not sorry.

April 23 2017

as mentioned in a previous tweet I was asking if anyone drew the new vice governor and meme man himself, mr Sandiaga Uno, as Saltbae (Nusret Gokce) but sprinkling sugar & doing the Ok-Oce pose.

No one answered. Knew I had to do something about it.

February 18 2017

First and foremost I deeply apologize to all of you for this. Second of all, WHY.
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July 04 2015



so I was watching dexter and deb was showing dexter a suspect list and


How the fck do you recognize that

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July 02 2015








I have no idea what’s going on

Congrats, we have reached a period of time where there is a generation that does not remember the first memes.

Lol I remember this

Beware the Old Memes.

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May 06 2015



probably how it happened


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April 28 2015



when you run out of memes

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January 07 2015


November 15 2014


October 27 2014

September 21 2014

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