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June 23 2014

Meet R2 pt15
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After TWO YEARS I've finally came up with another set of ideas for Meet R2. phew.

1: It's not just me. Some of my friends have this exact attitude towards plastic bags too, and maybe you guys :D jump on the boat!
While it's true that I've work plastic bags as hats before, I've never actually worn a dress made out of plastic bags.

2: This one's kinda true in some situations. Ashamed to say that I'm easily influenced by peer pressure eheheheh.

Or maybe it's just how I am around sick people, suddenly feeling weak and feverish in their presence, especially when I'm taking care of them.

3: One of the signs that you're creative is having a genderbending filter in your brain  A lot of people do. Artists, writers... etc.

Just to be clear, I know the word "pussy" that refers to weak people is short for "pusillanimous" and NOT the slang for vagina or cats. But some people still think otherwise and they subconsciously associate women with weakness this way. Genderbending this, what if I associate men with weakness in the same way by substituting their genital as a slang in here?

Also, in real life, we've never drawn a naked person in Life Drawing, ever. The closest to a naked model we could get was a topless man wearing only shorts.

March 13 2011

Meet R2 pt10
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