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September 30 2014


September 30 2013

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80 My Chemical Romance fans, shown with the year that they became fans.

// All photos edited by me (~toad1 / mcrdeviantclub) except ~datewithterror’s.
// Textures from 

Here are the names of the fans in order from top to bottom, left to right:

*OneTwoPew ~Red-Wolf-26 *littleblackmariah
~Bex-Photography ~DeadRoseInTheSnow *gothwannabe
~KnifeInToaster *MakeMeButterfly *Neonfluzzycat
*cbaughman44 *Cuddlepuss *SoraMisery
~dis3ased ~BewareOfTheMonkey ~Lymacal1
*withinmeloveresides1 ~Leah-of-Hyrule ~Eclipsefangirl1
~Turnipgirl1 ~NanaFreakout ~awkwardSHEEP
~DontTouchTheMap *CaptainKPeanuts ~DearlyBeloved
~Darkkitty2430 ~Fatality-Like-Ghosts ~HaydenIero
~animestalker93 =QueenNekoyasha ~HeyItsSkinny
~Killjoy-Sound ~lifesacrimescene *Safe-As-Houses
~babyjanesplicer ~Red-Tailed-Fox ~strawberryenigma
~StardustSavior ~usaggii ~oceanangel592
~Iverzzz9 ~itsKnivesorPens ~MCRomantical
~CarcinoArmagedons *My-Cat-Romance *D-Deadly
=Theanimalparade ~MyLifeAsCayley =withloveandcyanide
~crimsonletters ~SteamPunkHottie ~ZombiesAteMyHomework
~RaindropsOnRoses21 ~MLiMLiMLi ~DareTheDevil102
~bamf11 ~VineSpider ~Salty-Runner
~Mniricecakes ~EvaFaithHorror ~MoonwalkJones
~thebrilliant ~datewithterror ~Chocoreaper
*T0ySoldier =itz-Cindyrella *Raven052
*kikideath ~Idunno09 ~popgirl2112
~ART9807 ~DGenerationX8990 ~dangerkid2019
~hudgens77 ~GoldenEva-Beatrice ~VioletLobo
~TrinityRaven ~ConventionalVampire ~Flame22
~weedenstein ~ann-zuo

awesome~ I see me! Thanks a bunch for this \m/

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