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August 04 2014

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Graphene Aerogel
— Lightest Solid Material Ever Developed

Because aerogels are porous they are ultra-light materials and this one is 100 times lighter than Polystyrene foam cups and can help clean up pollutants like toluene and crude oil (other oils as well) and other compounds like ethanol. Researchers are planning  to look at the materials ability for insulating and sound proofing in the future.

Previous records for lightest materials were 0.9 milligrams per cubic centimeter in 2011, 0.18 mg/cm3 in 2012, and now this material at 0.16 mg/cm3.

Prof. Gao Chao // Polymer Science Engineering at Zhejiang University
Published Feb 18, 2013 // Advanced Materials

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May 07 2014

Perbedaan antara "kancut" dan "kolor" terletak pada luas bahannya.
— Raditya Dika [X]

June 22 2013

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Hydrophobic Clothing

Perfect for murdering people.

I’m so glad we are all on the same page.

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November 30 2012


Amazing Recycled Materials Transform Plastic Waste into Multicolored Sheets

(source: Ponoko)
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July 18 2012


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