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May 12 2018

Typography isn't my sharpest weapon 😅 it's supposed to say "clutter" & "taking up space". Also I wanted to make the plant purple at first but my siblings' markers collection doesn't have purple hues as much as red n pink ones soooo

Inspired by one of artisticmilk's artworks

November 19 2014


November 05 2014

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Car Model: Nissan R33 Skyline GTR

Who knew a Sharpie could be durable enough for drawing on the outside body of an automobile? This artist show us her creative chops and skill, and also shows her husband a new decorative version of his, R33 Skyline GTR. See more pictures at A Guy Let His Wife Go Crazy with a Sharpie on his Car… The Results are Unbelievable

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December 23 2012

Most creative artwork i ever found. Haha. #Darthvader
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September 11 2012

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September 29 2011

Good question.
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July 31 2011

Art Newbie Owl vs Art Student Owl: Prismacolor
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