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April 10 2015

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more language exchange sessions with Tina. we covered topics regarding bats, necklaces, teacups & socks

here’s a screenshot earlier of Tina trying google translate, translating a Malay song title into English

February 18 2015

November 08 2014

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thinking up theories how "inda payah" translates to "nggak usah" when "susah" means "payah"

the former pair of words means "don't bother" and the latter means "difficult/hard" btw

October 14 2014

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Anaconda: Now in Indonesian and Malay (not sure if it's Sabahan or Bruneian Malay tho)
And the perfect target for this was Kamila & Tina

September 27 2014

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Bilinguality. Making us more religious in one language & more vulgar in another.

and then Tina started insulting in Sabahan Malay
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