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June 11 2015

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The revealed phallus was believed to have apotropaic magical powers, averting the evil eye or invidia and bestowing good luck.

if a trans fem shows u her dick its good luck

Screaming @ that comment

o _ o;;;; i, uh… waaat????

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November 28 2014



Scooby Doo is the most useless member of the scooby doo team why is the show named after him, the show should be called Velma

Excuse me, who always found the monsters? Without Shaggy and Scooby’s awful luck the team would be just a bunch on kids and their mutt wondering around abandoned buildings. And ultimately, Freddy’s trap will fail and something Scooby and Shaggy do by accident catches the monster. Then Velma pulls off the mask and goes ‘of course’ having never mentioned any of her thoughts before.

Shaggy and Scooby for the win.

June 05 2012

Luck of the Irish by bluephoenix
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February 17 2012

"I was born this way." "Good luck with that."
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January 08 2012

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7 years is nothing compared to FOREVER.
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July 09 2011

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