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April 18 2012



A random Facebook chat I had with myoo89

: You gonna love this
Me: dsnbcsd,bcsdbhjbdhjsbkhjbdhkj ADOWLABLE
Tina: Itsa owel
Me: Eye nuu~ so adowlable
Tina: Its very owl able. Its very owlish Owlrrific. 
Wowl.... Fantowlstic baby (Big Bang LOL) 
Me: Owltastic... OWLSOME!!!
Tina: Anywhere owls? (anywhere else?)
Me: Lowl...Adam young. no one can describe his owlsomeness.
Tina: Lowlowlowlowls
Me: Trowll
Tina: I am SO Tumblrowl'n this
Me: Tumblrowls.... XDDDDD

September 24 2011



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