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September 17 2014

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my mobile has been stuck on this image for literal hours. nothing else will load. i refresh and lord farquaad only gives me this cheeky grin. i scroll down and all i see is darkness. there is no escape

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January 06 2014



shrek is the god of self confidence

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January 24 2013

Well yeah, 'Farquaad' is a wordplay on 'fuckwad' & I found out about it 2 years ago cuz Ray William Johnson pronounced Fuckwad as Farquaad when he was parodying Shithead (pronounced "shut-theed")

(via You Just Realized)

January 03 2013


Omg watching shrek and they see lord farquaad’s castle and shrek says “You think he’s maybe compisating for something?” and laughs and I just now understand that he is talking about the size of the guys dick…..

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