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November 28 2014



“Sssssshhhhh!!! My roommate is still sleeping. Hiccup must be very tired. Hehe. But he is really happy " - Liui Aquino

Liui Aquino as Jack Frost & Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

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July 19 2014

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Talking to Cammille about Liui Aquino and it kinda reminds me of a fanfic I did about Pyromaniac in deviantART a few years ago (probably 2008-ish)

Long story short, before this, another friend Zhi was discussing a future con she's invited Liui to attend, in Brunei. He added her, and she showed him my O Hiccup Hiccup poem, he liked it and added me for some reason. And now I'm awkwardly desperate to try to get him to add Cammille (since both Cammille and Liui are Filipino cosplayers and have cosplayed Hiccup from HTTYD). But let's just say I'm more awkward than desperate.
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