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January 13 2015


How the World Laughs on the Web

  • English – “hahaha”, “LOL”
  • Spanish – “jajaja”
  • Arabic – “ههههه” (“hhhhh” – Arabic doesn’t write short vowels, so that could be read as “hahahahaha”)
  • Thai – “55555″ (“5″ in Thai is pronounced “ha”)
  • French – “hahaha”, “héhéhé”
  • Russian – “хахаха” (“hahaha”), “бгггггг” (“bgggg”), “гггггг” (“gggggg”), “олололо” (“olololo”)
  • Ukrainian – “бгггггг” (“bhhhh”), “гггггг” (“hhhhhh”)
  • Catalan – “hahaha”
  • Portuguese – “hahaha”, “hashuashuashuashua”, “rá!”, “kkkkk”, “rsrsrs”
  • Korean – “ㅋㅋ” (“kk”), “ㅎㅎㅎ” (“hhh”)
  • Japanese – “wwww”, “ふふふ” (“huhuhu”)
  • Mandarin – “哈哈哈哈哈” (“hahahahaha”), “呵呵呵呵呵” (“hehehehehe”)
  • Indonesian – “wkwkwkwk”
  • Swedish – “hahaha”, “hehehe”, “hihihi”
  • Norwegian – “hæhæhæ”, “høhøhø”
  • Vietnamese – “hihihi”
(Source: voxy.com)
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December 05 2014




The best kinds of laughter:

  • Laughing so hard that your laugh becomes silent and you sit there clapping like a fucking seal
  • Feeling a six-pack coming up
  • Tears coming out of your eyes

you know you’re fucked when its a combination of all three

plus a little bit of pee

Back in high school I used to call all these SDLS (Severe Die-Laughing Syndrome)

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October 16 2014



A sense of humor can make everything better. Sex isn’t like it is in the movies or in porn. There will be strange and weird and awkward sounds, there might be a silly interruption like the cat or a kid… you might knock heads or trip getting undressed. Sex is funny, foreplay is funny and sometimes you need to just laugh. It will keep things from getting awkward! If you take sex too seriously you aren’t truly enjoying it!

Not to mention a sense of humor can be really sexy no matter what your gender identity is!


i’ve always said if you can’t laugh with the person you’re having sex with while you’re having sex with them you shouldn’t be having sex with them.



My husband once walked up behind me while i was sitting in the living room just watching t.v…and he put his penis on my shoulder and said “hello..”



it worked, but not before I laughed for days.


I always had a ton of weird funky condoms at my place because I volunteered with Planned Parenthood and did a lot of sex education and sex positive work. I literally had no less than like thirty different types of condoms at a time. So when it came time to grabbing a condom it was a grab bag of WHO KNOWS what you’ll end up with.

Long story short, my boyfriend grabs one, puts it on, heat of the moment type thing, a some point we both look down and see it’s an ELECTRIC GREEN condom. Dead pan he looks me straight in the eye and in his best impression goes “HEY HO. KERMIT DEE FROG HERE.” And I COMPLETELY LOST IT.

On a completely different occasion I said “don’t stop” and he sang ALL of Don’t Stop Believing. All of it. All of it. Right then and there. Without stopping.


Can I add the story about how me and one of my partners had a very enthralling discussion about deserts while I was on top of him?

Or the time my partner’s friends blasted “Eye of the Tiger” through the door and we rocked it out to the beat while quoting the movie?


Story time:

I was with this girl during a trip out to Washington, we’d hung out a few times, and hit it off really well. So we got together one afternoon. Her dorm-mate came home, saw the “Do Not Disturb” sock on her bedroom door and called out “Thrusters to full!”

Not missing a beat the girl and I yelled back “We’re giving it all we’ve got, Captain!” and her roommate started fucking dying outside the door.

Probably should have proposed right on the spot, but whatever.

It got better.

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March 02 2014

If laughter is the best medicine, giggles are the best vitamins.
Ryan Ross

September 11 2013


April 25 2013

Horse laughter makes everything instantly funnier
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August 18 2012

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May 28 2012

20 Laughs
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October 07 2011


May 24 2011

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