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May 24 2014


September 11 2013

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▶ Lady Gaga Applause PARODY! Key of Awesome #76 - YouTube
"Triple word score, I won" XD
original video [x]

June 28 2013

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Holy S*** I'm Playing All Of The Parts! Key of Awesome #73

April 10 2013

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Tribute to Ridiculous Voices!! Key of Awesome #70 Holy crap THIS... making fun of some awesome famous singers with notably funny voices (love the Billie Joe impersonation... heck ALL OF THEM)

September 24 2012

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PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) PARODY! Key of Awesome #63
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June 04 2012


May 06 2012

Key of Awesome's parody of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" music video. Golden.

April 15 2012

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Eat It Don't Tweet It by American Hipster + Key of Awesome
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August 27 2011

Wake up in the evening looking greener than Shrek. Where's that donkey?

August 19 2011

August 11 2011

4901 978d 500
Got this quote from one of their comments video

August 03 2011

July 30 2011

Lauren as Nayer, Mark as Waldo & Todd as Pitbull

July 26 2011

June 08 2011


May 18 2011

RaziaShdw+AliceIW+more doodles
Gonna scrap later.So ~Bringston introduced us to this game Brink, and the Youtube trailors were awesome as fuck (no Green Day pun intended) and we can like customize our own guns... so for some rea...
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