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June 12 2015

June 08 2015

May 27 2015

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Tina got sick & tried to get better. I had to make a Panic! At The Disco pun cuz she said she needs to sweat all this fever. Why.

May 25 2015

Tina found some Peter Pan peanut butter

May 06 2015

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Started talking about a pilot named May Day, and a typo caused us to talk about food like pulut panggang & swedish meatballs instead. we honestly need to make our indie cooking show

April 10 2015

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more language exchange sessions with Tina. we covered topics regarding bats, necklaces, teacups & socks

here’s a screenshot earlier of Tina trying google translate, translating a Malay song title into English

April 09 2015

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Tina and I (well mostly me) talking about a possible theory how Julian Casablancas got his name

also it's April 9th, Gerard Way & Albert Hammond Jr's birthdays.

March 22 2015


October 27 2014

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Tina has an air fryer passed down from her stepmom and now she's having fun cooking stuff in it without the use of oil.
and ONCE AGAIN we had to go there and parody FOB's Alone Together to fit our hungry theme.

October 13 2014

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Showing Tina some plushies and other things found in Hua Ho Manggis and some of the plushies matched our gang.

Also the birthday prediction, I dont buy them. But lol it's funny thinking how Tina's gonna act one day if she's married.

October 11 2014

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a pre-sleep thought about a random traveler I'm gonna meet.
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it's too damn cold last night for Tina & I and this was my reaction to her complaining. Where the hell are my mint-chocolate wings? i wanna get some sun.


October 09 2014



Day 6: 8th Oct

The flu from 5th came back inviting a fever as well. Today should’ve been perfect for me

And there's my reply.
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October 07 2014

In the middle of doing this last night while Tina started her inktober comic doodles.
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October 03 2014

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It was raining where Tina's at... and suddenly I sang the Its Raining Its Pouring song and added some One Piece to it n we brainstormed a short storyline.
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More chats with Tina on Kakaotalk. Teletubbies, Evanescence, shoes and nose selfies.

September 28 2014

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Tina and I were talking about my little sister making friends with a cute little bug but we can't identify what species it is. If anyone knows, please tell me.

September 27 2014

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Bilinguality. Making us more religious in one language & more vulgar in another.

and then Tina started insulting in Sabahan Malay

September 24 2014

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On Kakaotalk Tina just randomly showed me that pic and somehow FOB’s Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes came to my head.
I’m not even sure how those lyrics fit the little blue milk bee cat in the aqua jar myself.
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another moment of sleepy-high-ness with Tina as both of us (and her friend) try to sleep while still checking back to our phones. And then we sang Anaconda & try to incorporate lyrics from our favorite bands' songs to the song.

Oh and btw Tina it's "My anaconda don't want none unless you be careful making wishes in the DUNDUNDUNDUN dark dark"
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