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February 23 2015

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a messed-up dream yet again, in february 23rd.
I also remembered asking Kele Okereke around on how to pronounce his name in Igbo Nigerian accent and he seemed offended by it.


January 09 2015

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Tina had a dream of zombies in Kiki's Delivery Service

August 24 2014

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Tina had this dream and it was heartbreaking. PLUS when she woke up she was accompanied with a sad song that she recorded & it goes well with the sadness.

July 16 2014

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I swear my dream today was the most WTF of all this month.

Tina's reaction though. She just woke me up for sahur & wasn't expected to be bombarded by this dafuqery

May 25 2014

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I, Tina and some friends were at a restaurant bar with the chef cooking in front of us (like BeniHana or something but with a bar) and suddenly, then the bartender starts singing Bastille's Pompeii and suddenly asked Tina to sing along with him. I joined in too while harmonizing and the rest of our friends watched.
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April 28 2014


March 09 2014

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A talk about Tina's dream turned into a plotline. Hear us out Disney... or Korean dramas out there.

Here's the rapping disney princess plotline from someone else though.

March 03 2014

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Three dreams. All of them weird. This happened to me one day and as I told Tina, turns out she had another dream which is too sad and personal for me to describe here.
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February 14 2014

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A dream Tina had which turned out to be an addition to her One Piece OC Juwita's story.

January 29 2014

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Tina had a dream of us having a sleepover and being attacked by a bully

January 28 2014

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My dream on 28th December 2013

January 18 2014

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Imagine a 30STM song with THOSE lyrics... it's gonna leave all our jaws hanging and eyes twitching.

January 10 2014

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I had a dream last wednesday night
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August 31 2013


August 10 2013

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@myoo89's dream. it's kinda long so i need to screencap everything
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