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June 23 2015

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this was at an actual coffee shop


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June 15 2015


We’re here in this uh, photo studio thing… Josh is gonna be hanging upside down and I’m gonna be standing perfectly straight and it’s gonna be the easiest day of my life.

May 09 2015

@joshuadun: here’s a link to all my bank account info if you want me to buy blurryface for you. i gotchu smarturl.it/blurryface

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October 30 2014


things that make the earth continue to turn:

  • gerard way’s bone structure
  • brendon urie’s ass-to-waist ratio
  • andy hurley’s gap tooth
  • hayley williams’ abs
  • frank iero’s eyebrows
  • josh dun's pectoral muscles
  • patrick stump's political opinions
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