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July 14 2014


قال لي أبي ذات مرة اللي ماله وطن .. ماله في الثرى ضريح - محمود درويش





- hi how are you ?

- where did you come from ?

- we’re coming this is our land our country !

- nonsens !! this the land of our grand parents( ancestors) and our children’s children  will stay in it !

- how nice !!! very very nice bravo ! i don’t see fear in your eyes uncle abu aymen ?

- what would i be frightened by ?  i’m in my land !

-i’m going to bring you a piece of paper right now which you will sign and give up all your properties ! even your land that means ! because this is the land of our ancestors !

- no no your history isn’t right ! this is the land of our great grandparents !! we are from here we’ve been made here( he’s basically saying we’ve been born here) we didn’t come from outside , you came from  outside fromm russia or somewhere… and you want to take my land like this ? i won’t sign even if you kill me !!!

- i’m going to give you a lot of money !!

-i don’t want paper that comes and goes the land is everlasting i don’t want your money !! keep your money foor you your home isn’t here this is my land me and my grand children will stay here!!!

-we have planes we have tanks we can bombard you at any time !

- bombard me i don’t care !!! but we’re present even if we die under the ground we’ll come out we’ll still move under the ground we’re not leaving it … the ground you’re standing on !!!

*this is the part where they reveal their identity 

-i’m arab just like you … we’re arabs from gaza !!! this is the purpose of the episode to stay … we’re staying !!!

*hugs the man to confort him*

i tried my best please forgive any mistakes and feel free to use this translation !




Subhanallah. Bless these men

March 11 2014

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In learning the Truth

So much misunderstanding has robbed a great people of their Heritage of pride and strength. 

Hopefully,the tides will change soon,if people will wake up and listen to the truth. It’s up to us to change it all. Those of us who love them and remember them with respect must teach the ones who have been taught the lies so many of us grew up with.

Does anyone know that it was Judea who declared war on Germany first in 1933. Does anyone know that Hitler tried many peace initiatives to end war with Britain. He respected Britain and its people. If the British people would have known that, they could have stopped the war and saved the themselves so much devistation and pain. Also,how many people know about the Havaara agreement where Hitler himself allowed the Jews of Germany to migrate peacefully to Israel along with their property, so that his Germany would be free of Jews instead of having to  resort to the so called Final Solution. Most people believe that Germany attacked Poland and started WW2,as the UK and France were supporting Poland. They should be asking why the UK and France supported Poland in a regional conflict with Germany. Danzig was more than 90% German in population. Also Hitler’s demands  initially were to have a terrestrial roadway from Germany to East Prussia,over Poland,so that they wouldnt need to pay taxes to the Polish Government. Another major point.How many people understand the Balfour Declaration of 1917? Evidence of Jewish betrayal towards the German nation which was the first European nation to give them equal rights.  People dont understand these facts,so they’re always moved emotionally by the sympathetic tales told by Allied Propagandists.In believing those stories as truth,they forget the real questions.Thats their problem.They dont want their realities rearranged by the truth.Once they start asking these questions,their understanding what actually happened in WW1&2 will change. Then Victory will be of the truth, and along with truth will come a vindication for those great German Soldiers who fought and died for Her.

One day it’s going to happen,and the truth will  rise victorious. Along with that truth will come a vindication for all the great German people who fought and died for Her.

Sieg gehört dem deutschen Volk noch einmal!

*Part of this post was posted by someone on Youtube.However,it wasnt easy to understand so I had to clean it up quite a bit.I added my own thoughts to it as well,and this is what it came out to be.

Check it out, Jews are apparantly to blame for the Holocaust!

anti-faschismus, please clean up this hot mess

I’ve got this one. 

1.  “Does anyone know that it was Judea who declared war on Germany first in 1933.”  Foolish, foolish child.  That idiotic headline all of you historically-challenged children use as “proof” comes from The Daily Express, a British rag that at the time of publication was owned by Lord Beaverbrook who publicly admitted to fabricating and sensationalizing stories purely for profit.  If you can’t distinguish a reputable publication from a tabloid, you may want to take a seat in a classroom or library. 

The only speck of truth here is that Nazi Germany began implementing measures to make life for Jews in Germany nearly impossible, which prompted a boycott of German goods - a far cry from declaring a war.  Initially Jews were removed from state service positions.  German schools began to “weed out” the Jewish students by decreasing the number of Jews allowed to attend educational institutions.  Jewish doctors and lawyers began to have their rights to practice sharply restricted.  Unsubstantiated taxes were added, professionals had their licenses revoked merely for being Jewish, and even entertainers were no longer allowed to perform.  Then came the laws which made it illegal for a Jewish person to marry or have relations with a non-Jewish person.  Their right to vote was revoked.  All public officials were stripped of their posts.  Jews were not admitted to public hospitals.  All of these “legislative acts” lead to Jews being unlawfully stripped of their assets, and the whole process culminated in the Kristallnacht pogrom.

2.  “Does anyone know that Hitler tried many peace initiatives to end war with Britain.”  Oh yes, that’s right.  The offer of peace in exchange for Eastern European lands.  It would have been much easier for Hitler to trample the East if the West wasn’t there to back them.  Unfortunately his delusional dreams of a Third Reich utopia didn’t sit well with the rest of the world.  Simply because Hitler was looking to buy his way out of having to face both fronts doesn’t make his offer noble by any means.

3.  “Also,how many people know about the Havaara agreement where Hitler himself allowed the Jews of Germany to migrate peacefully to Israel along with their property, so that his Germany would be free of Jews instead of having to  resort to the so called Final Solution.”  Your argument fell apart at “along with their property” and just went downhill from there.  The agreement actually required Jews to leave majority of their assets behind in exchange for a chance to escape before the genocide began.  The plan to rid Jews of their money involved a round-about scam involving having them transfer assets via a specific company to Palestine, and that money would in turn be used to buy German goods - thus effectively returning the Jewish money right back into German hands.  The Havaara agreement was based around such a concept.  The fact that you have the audacity to say “instead of having to resort to the Final Solution” just topples any rationale in what you were trying to convey.  The Jews refused to be kicked out of their homes, so there was no other choice but to murder them?  What a disgrace.  

4.  Regarding the war with Poland:  For 123 years, starting in 1772, The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth was partitioned by Russia, Prussia, and Austria.  The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth included the city of Gdańsk since 1569.  Around 970 Polish King Mieszko I established a port stronghold in Gdańsk.  Prior to that the region was occupied by various tribes migrating through, with Slavic tribes settling in the region around 650.  Gdańsk is a city with a turbulent history, however Germany’s claim on it is a bullshit excuse as to why Hitler invaded Poland.  The reason Gdańsk had a large German population during the inter-war period was because Poland had only regained its independence with the end of WWI, and Hitler wasn’t too happy that Germany lost the lands it took away from Poland in the first place.  

5.  Since we’re on the topic of Poland…  Who was the first European nation to grant equal rights to Jews?  Germany, you say?  I’ll have to disagree there, and point out that Poland was indeed the first.  This took place in 1264 and you can read all about it right here

6.  The Balfour Declaration of 1917.  Both the Jewish and the Arab communities felt betrayed by the course of action that unfolded, and since I am neither Jewish nor Palestinian I can’t speak for the people of either side when it comes to this issue.  The history of that region is far too complex to relate in this post, but I suggest to trot yourself to the nearest library and do some research.  I am not an expert on this topic so there is no need for me to go in-depth in regards to this issue.  Most importantly, however, is that regardless of what the declaration promised, there was absolutely no reason for Hitler to feel entitled to expell the Jews from Germany, or anywhere else, especially by means of mass murder.

Scooteraz, you are an idiot.  Your knowledge of history is so limited, and so shrouded in paranoia and delusions that it’s difficult to pin-point how you even arrived at these conclusions.  Do yourself a favor - stay off the internet.  Go to primary sources.  Go to libraries that house primary sources, read letters and diaries and records.  Listen to speeches.  Watch documentary footage.  Look at photographs.  Look at demographics and statistics and rub those two brain cells you (hopefully) possess together and for the love of God, learn something.  You don’t need to read history books written by third parties.  If you have doubts, go directly to sources.  There are still people alive who remember the war, who have lived through it, who have witnessed these events.  Talk to them if you can.  Listen to interviews.  And most importantly, find some human decency within yourself and show respect to people who were devastated by the Holocaust, by genocide, by the war, and by the crimes committed against humanity.  If it’s this easy for me to debunk your idiotic claims, you really have no idea what it takes to engage in legitimate research. 

Watch how scooteraz will accuse you of being brainwashed by “allied propaganda”

This crossed my dash again - and the history smackdown is a thing of beauty.

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November 19 2012

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In 1492, more than 150,000 Spanish Jews fled the Spanish Inquisition, many to the Uthmani #Khilafah. The Khilafah embraced this oppressed people with compassion. Spanish Jews were allowed to settle in the wealthier cities of the Khilafah, such as Istanbul, Sarajevo, Salonica, Edirne, Nicopolis, Bursa, Aydın, Tokat, Amasya & Izmir. So that Jews lived by the wealth, prosperity and peace under the Islamic Rule throughout the centuries.

But now that compassion shown to the jews is being returned as hatred and ethnic cleanising in Gaza, Palestine.
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September 14 2012


April 06 2012

I love the irony. And there's still hope after all.
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September 07 2011

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