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November 16 2014

alrightski, what is it with Jared's Twitter profile pic.
is he just excited about the movie Big Eyes or did he just acknowledged that his eyes are in fact mesmerizing and exaggerated them further?
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October 18 2014

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Inktober day 14: the almighty goat-mermaid Jared Leto

October 16 2014


October 11 2014

Geered, Vyrt, fans and the nosebleedsplosion
Well I guess you can say the ship has now sailed… pun intended. To the fans aboard on that ship, at least. PUN INTENDED AGAIN

On twitter, jaredletosnatchedyourwig and I was brainstorming a comic idea based on Jared & Gerard derping on VyRT. For a site that let fans interact with their idols, I don’t know why I imagine Vyrt as a ship. Maybe it’s just for puns, which worked. Also I had to visibly includejaredletosnatchedyourwig herself and the girl who asked Gerard the question, Melanie Maynard (I hope I got her looks right, and no, she’s not the comedian, that’s another Melanie Maynard.). And the nose blood ocean was the randomest way to end this comic cuz I have no more ideas kay bye

I wonder if there’s a Princess Tomo-chan shirt in real life. And I wanna see Tomo wearing it.
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October 05 2014

Convo with Bamxxvillexx66 brainstorming a comic idea based on the Geered "flirtation" in Vyrt

October 01 2014

September 30 2014

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Gerard Way art ♥

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Jared lurking in Gerard’s VYRT chat tonight

Gerard believing in the 30STMCR connection... and Jared agreeing. FFFFFFFF THIS BROMANCE I CANT EVEN

(via twitter)

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I feel like the Jared x Gerard bromance is complimentary.
One is a little brother who acts like the big brother figure towards the little brother figure who is actually a big brother.

While Shannon is just straight up a big brother, & Mikey is straight up a little brother.


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September 29 2014


July 19 2014

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My facebook feed decided to reward me with a koinkidenky last night
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April 26 2014




i’ve been waiting for this moment for the entire duration of having this url

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April 13 2014

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These were on the Fb newsfeed.
Here we have the Letos and the Winchesters posing for National Siblings Day. The big brothers tried to look badass and dignified beside their little brothers who are just derping around.

(I dont know why but I find a lot of similarities between these two pairs, probably cuz Jared Leto & Jared Padalecki have the same first names, and both Shannon Leto and Jensen Ackles are short)
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April 02 2014

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March 25 2014


when i make a joke to myself and no one’s around to hear it



wait wait wait I didn't remember this in any 30 Seconds To Mars video

March 08 2014

Jared Leto’s words to people with HIV/AIDS and LGBT/Transgender communities
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March 05 2014

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January 02 2014


But look at his smile when he’s laughing. Omg, that smile.

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