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November 04 2014

App mock-up: Twitku
As mentioned in my Tumbloup mock-up post it was inspired by the idea of Twitku merging 2 competing social networks in one app. Now I'm starting to think about what if Jaiku's still alive today & what if they develop a smartphone app for Twitku.

You know you're very dear & best of the best when you make it to my Iphone #Jaiku #Seedcamp

Thank You Martin Källström, Twingly, for the picture, and a great party.

November 28 2012


May 26 2012

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Jaiku dress. I miss those little icons
Jaiku cupcakes By TonZ
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January 21 2012

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January 20 2012

October 30 2011

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Microblogging: Jaiku, Twitter, or Pownce? w/ Kris Krug

October 17 2011

Owltober 17th: MicroblogOwls
Question is... why are they still up in the morning?
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October 13 2011


August 22 2011

Jaiku abajo
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February 20 2011

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