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June 02 2015

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i am power. 


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March 09 2013

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, a bow to all the incredibly talented women throughout history who were never allowed to attach their name to their work or use male aliases simply because they were women. Did you know that George Elliot (real name: Mary Ann Evans, author of “Middlemarch”), and Harper Lee (real name: Nelle Harper Lee, author of “To Kill a Mockingbird”) were both women?

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September 30 2011

Meet Bertha Benz, The Woman Who Took The First Real Drive - jalopink.com

As Google's doodle reminded me, today is International Women's Day. It's kind of alarming how much I rely on something called a "Google Doodle" to know what's going on. So, in honor of women, I'd like to talk about one woman who's been a hero of mine for many years: Bertha Benz, the first person to take a real road trip in a private, petroleum-powered car...
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