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April 29 2019

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y'all Justin Min stan accounts scare me

April 28 2019

Woah so many DSD fans are Ravenclaws & Slytherins 💙💚🦅🐍

But but but diligent is a Hufflepuff trait though
Design Student Daily characters + their Hogwarts houses 

March 24 2019


February 23 2019

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it’s waaaaaay late to post this since it happened in October but yeah, thats their actual account & they commented little hearts on my inktober piece with their song in it.

February 05 2019

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There’s a lot of very talented 17-year-olds in Instagram, just like there’s a lot of very talented 15-yr-olds in deviantART back in 2009… Oh wait they’re the same people. it’s been 2 years.

tapas | webtoon

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July 27 2018


May 16 2015

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Hello! Follow this beautiful girl please → http://instagram.com/barunkac/# . Have a nice day

she looks like quite an adventurer tbh. but lol i dont have instagramphoto (c) barunkac

January 04 2015

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Anzimata asks: Hi, sepertinya telat sekali untuk ikutan permainan ini. Pap your fave pic from my instagram http://instagram.com/anzimatta ; Thanks! Have a nice day

These series definitely X X X
they're so bloody-red & eye-catching

Anzi's response:

December 14 2014

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KamilaQurratuaini: I know this is a silly question, but because everyone is doing it.. Pap your fav photo from my instagram
Hahah I can' choose just one so… here are my top 9

November 26 2014

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Anonymous asked: pap ur alternative Instagrams
Ignore the default camera

I use 3; Cymera, Molome & Photoplay. Before this I used to use Twitpic, then downloaded Molome cuz it's more Instagrammish. Then after Twitpic died I used Photoplay cuz i can post rectangular photos there as well. Photoplay has a Path feel.
I downloaded Cymera at the same time i got Molome but ive only tried the public album feature only recently :P


..and here's more people that asked me about social media alternatives...

Best music service? Pandora, Soundcloud or Spotify?

Dunno, never used any of them cuz I use Last.fm. In my opinion Soundcloud is kinda like Bandcamp & all that, used to upload & promote our own music though we can listen & fave other people's songs. Soundcloud is also useful for podcasts. If you're looking for an app that's solely a listening station then pick either Pandora, Spotify or Last.fm. Soundcloud is more than that I guess *shrug*

Besides wechat line n kakaotalk what other chat aps do you have or want to have?

Downloaded Telegram recently last year. Definitely keeping it. I tried Chaton & Meowchat but I deleted them on my phone cuz they take up space (i can still use them on the web though). I also use Rocketalk but mostly for posting pics & vids i made or found online, rather than chatting.
I wanna try Cubie, Beetalk, Imo, Jongla, Talkray, Omelettechat (or whatever), if someone recommends me.
Crap, that reminds me i gotta make WebCubecakes comics based on reviewing those apps!

Have you tried Tuding yet? Or Vida or Papa?

No but I wanna... earlier last month i downloaded PaPa but i cant register without a selection of social networks i dont have, or a Chinese phone number. N i cant seem to visit Vida's website for some reason, so TuDing is my only option cuz ut's available in Google Play. If i get the chance to go to China again i'd use it... unless there's a better app, if ya got any suggestions :]

Tumblr or Soup.io?

Tumbloup, bby. They're similar yet different. They're like Blue & Red from Dick Figures. They're like Korrasami (although I ship both Korrasami & Tumbloup as bffs but Korrasami is indeed canon)
I have both sites & I made them go matchy-matchy.

Blogger or Wordpress?

Blog.com & FC2 Blog huahuahuhuehuehue
but I gotta say Blogger since I use that for my art blog XD. tbh I tried Wordpress cuz I set up my dad's blog (which he still uses occasionally) and Wordpress' dashboard is no different than Blog.com.

Have you tried Mobli?

No :( i wanna try it but im afraid it's gonna eat up my phone memory... but it looks way cooler than Molome & Photoplay.

November 18 2014

Is it just me or are brands starting to look the same on Instagram?
Every brand is so desperate to make their stuff look cool, original and “authentic” that now everyone’s stuff looks cool, original and authentic.
Bruh it's probably just coincidence, cuz most of the time it is. Or maybe both companies purposely & secretly plan this out just cuz they wanna start crap among their fans.
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October 18 2014


Real Life Instagram (London, UK)

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August 15 2014

theoatmeal: Every single time the sun goes down for a nap
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March 24 2014

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After a month of Beta Testing, now MOLOME for Windows Phone is ready to move out of Beta. And as promised earlier, Instagram Sharing would be available in the full version. On MOLOME v4.0.2 onwards, you will be able to share your photo to Instagram directly from MOLOME ! Imagine, make your photo funnier with MOLOME and share it to the world to Instagram. Awesome, isn’t it?! MOLOOO ^0^

Not only that, there is also some major change on UI as you can see that the photo is now expanded to fit the screen. Bigger is better, huh !? MOLO ^0^

Update now on Windows Phone Store ! MOLO ^0^

I still like that background image they used... what if someone redrew it using Molome & Instagram personifications?

February 14 2014


August 08 2013


Instagram Filters as Photoshop Actions


I recently did a  google search to see if anyone had “converted”instagram filters to photoshop actions. After not finding any results, I decided to see if I could do it myself. I didn’t get a 100% exact match, but it’s pretty close.

Im starting with “Nashville” then will add more soon. Let me know any feedback. I’ll update this post when I add more. 

Update #1:  "Earlybird" filter, auto-cropping tools added.
Update #2: “Brannan”, “X Pro II” added 
Update #3: Sutro, Lomo-fi, Inkwell, Lord Kelvin, Walden added. Also added 5 borders that can be applied with one-click.
Update #4: “Gotham”, “Hefe”, “Toaster” added




X-Pro II: 

*need some tweaks

Need help installing? Youtube user ImzTech has made a handy help video.

Follow on Twitter for updates: @dbox | Instagram: dbox

↓ Download the photoshop action file

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April 20 2013



is justin bieber having a breakdown
He forgot how to Chanel
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April 17 2013

This made me lol like crazy
via Nailed the Landing - Cheezburger
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January 27 2013







what the hell is going on, i’m so confused and nervous i’m going to puke




MCR fandom exploding for the first time in a long time

Who the flipping fluff is Mikey hanging out with?

Oh wait. Read this article here to get the full story http://nowaymikeyway.tumblr.com

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